What is Branding? – Jill James

For authors, branding is an important concept. What is my brand? What does my writing stand for? What do I want my writing to say about me? For me?

First, as a lone author, I wanted my writing to mean something. Something that it would mean no matter what subgenre I was writing in. I worked long and hard to finally go with:

heart“A Little Sweet. A Little Sexy. A Lot Happily-Ever-After.”

I wanted my writing to represent those 3 elements no matter if it was Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, or now, Urban Fantasy/Post-Apocalypse/Zombie. I think I pull it off. There are sweet, romantic moments in my novels, even the zombie book. Definitely a little sexy, sometimes on the very warm side. And even a happily ever after, even in a book with divorce in the title or yes, the zombie book.

Branding was equally important for the Authors of Main Street group and blog. We knew going in that we wrote contemporary romance, from cool to warm on the sexiness scale! I believe we pulled it off brilliantly in Christmas on Main Street, just as well in the current boxed set, Weddings on Main Street, and I’m sure we’ll keep that branding promise on any future Main Street endeavors.

Reminder: Weddings on Main Street is still 99¢ for a limited time!!


About Jill James

Jill is a published author with The Wild Rose Press and self-published with The Lake Willowbee Series. She enjoys reading just as much as writing. You can follow her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Jill.James.author and Twitter @jill_james
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10 Responses to What is Branding? – Jill James

  1. leighmorgan1 says:

    I love your tag-line, Jill. It definitely fits and is memorable. I’d say you’ve done a great job. I admire that and am hoping I can replicate it! Branding, individually and as a group if you’re writing in one, is so important. Elemental to success, really.

    Have a great weekend. Happy Writing.


  2. E. Ayers says:

    Our boxed sets have done so well. As the Authors of Main Street, we have a great reputation within the reading community and a lot of respect within the writing community. But behind the brand “Authors of Main Street”, people know they will have quality reading material from our authors no matter what sub-genre.


  3. Carol says:

    Wonderful post, Jill. Other than good writing and an interesting story, I believe branding is one of the most important things we as writers offer readers. You have a great tagline! Readers know exactly what to expect from your writing.


  4. monarisk says:

    I love your tagline. I still can’t come up with a good one for my books.


  5. Joan Reeves says:

    Jill, you nailed it with your brand. It’s true of your books plus it’s very catchy! *g*


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