Wait! I’m not Ready!

Today as I was driving I noticed this lovely tree, its leaves resplendent in hues of gold and orange among 002the greenery along the street.

Inwardly I shrieked in horror. I mean, it’s pretty and all, but what gives? I couldn’t tell what species it is (maple?) and I don’t know its usual habits, but I’m a little peeved at this tree. After that extra-long, extra-cold winter we endured, and a summer that’s made me shiver more than perspire, I can understand why this tree might be a little confused. Heck, I was confused on certain mornings in July when I had to run back into the house to grab a sweater. But come on, it’s mid-August. What’s the deal, tree?

I’m not ready to see the leaves change colour. I’m not ready to pull out the socks that I tucked away in a dresser drawer back in May. I can’t bring myself to go through my kids’ cold-weather clothes to see what still fits. I’m not ready to think about covering the air conditioner, sealing the deck, putting winter tires on the van … and I’m sure as heck not ready to face the first snowfall of winter! With the way things are going, that could happen any day.

16 thoughts on “Wait! I’m not Ready!

  1. It has been an unusual summer. Not nearly as hot as summers past, which means lower AC bills. Here in Virginia, we had a summer more like the ones I had growing up in the north with warm days and cool nights. But our winter had been mild. Seems the pendulum swings and I’m sure this winter will make up for the mild one we just had.

    I dreaded that change in children’s clothes. Even the back to school was difficult. In Virginia it is often still quite hot as they return to school. Their summer clothes were shot from days of playing hard. And the only thing the stores carried were the new fall/winter things.

    Then they got to school and come home complaining that they froze to death from the AC in the room but in a few weeks they’d complain that they were dying of heat when the system switched from AC to heating. Today’s schools are almost windowless and if they can open a window, it will only open a few inches. I’d try to dress them in layers but then they’d remove the cute, matching jacket/sweater and leave in school. UGH!

    I hated back to school, hated the hassles, and hated to see them go back. It was much more fun with them home, and life just seemed more relaxed. But I love fall and all the colors.


  2. What a cute post Susan, and I love, love, love the picture of that tree. I love the change of colors. It’s what I miss from my previous life in Ohio.

    Today children started school in South Florida. It was 93o and the poor kids had to wear a uniform, and socks! We don’t think of winter here and we don’t have a fall.


  3. Our Fall is stunning in Georgia. Foliage turns from bright yellow, to golden to amber. Others are so fiery red, a mountain filled with the shade looks as though its ablaze. Mix all the shades together and you have breathtaking colors. I’ve had brown leaves already fall in our back yard. It’s too soon! There isn’t anything prettier than Fall, other than Spring. Beautiful tree photo, Susan.


  4. As I was walking into my daughter’s backyard on Sunday for a birthday luncheon, I noticed that she had wisteria blooming. Wisteria? That blooms in April, not August. Did it get confused by the cool weather we were having? Is it really wisteria, or something that looks like it?

    Anyway it made me happy. I love wisteria.

    I’m not ready for winter either. I have no idea where my good winter coat is.

    Susan if you can get a picture of the leaf, you might be able to identify that tree. Like you don’t have better things to do. LOL


  5. I am there with you, Susan. One day last week there were spots of snow on the ground around here. Granted this week it’s in the high eighties, so it at least got back to normal quickly.

    I am headed to finalize my son’s registration for 7th grade, which starts in 2 weeks. I am really not ready for fall; because it means a new grade, a new age and less time with my sweet guy. Even more than when I as a kid, I wish summer would last all year! 🙂


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