Blog Fairies, Boxed Sets, Etc.

20140805-082123-30083560.jpgToday is your last chance to purchase Weddings on Main Street! It’s 99 cents and it is worth every penny!

Here’s what readers have said about it. (I could fill three pages of reviews like these!) So take a second and read what our readers have said out the collection.

This is definitely a “feel good, treat yourself” collection. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of all of the contributions. There is not a “dud” in the bunch.

These were delightful stories

A beautiful collection by really, really good authors!

I found it to be delightfully fun to read and I highly recommend it to all romantics.

Loved the premise, loved the characters!

These authors and their sets are quickly becoming and instant buy for me

Awesome authors and engaging tales of love and marriage and weddings…talk about a great summer read


So many times I’ve been asked about the Authors of Main Street. We are considered to be one of the most successful groups of authors. Quite an honor! And to be perfectly honest, I’m so proud to be part of this wonderful group.

We were/are all members of a huge online group of authors. Well, it’s been so long that I’m not certain what sparked the thread, but a few of us decided to band together for various reasons such as helping each other promote books or doing whatever we could for each other such as blogging. I have this natural ability to grab the bull by the horns and make things happen. To me, the idea of banding together meant we needed a common ground and that was contemporary romances that weren’t too sweet or too hot.

With so many of us trying to group together, we created such a stir that we had to take it off the main loop and from there I created a loop for those who write these middle of the road or Main Street romances. I know a bunch of sci-fi/paranormal authors created a group as did several authors who write erotic. Funny thing, I have no idea what happened to those groups. When the dust settled, there were thirteen of us who fit into the concept of Main Street.

When Joan Reeves said she’d join, I just about died! She was a well-known super author and she wanted to be part of this little group? I was thrilled beyond words.

Mona Risk was a name I knew. Again, I was taken aback when she wanted in.

Tori Scott I knew wrote westerns and was doing well.

Carol DeVaney and I had been friends for ages. She’s this wonderful southern belle from Georgia. And she’s one of the sweeter writers of the group.

Stephanie Queen I knew only by her amazing romantic suspense covers. And Pepper Phillips had a book with an adorable cover on it.

Everyone else was almost unknown to me, and one, Susan R. Hughes, hadn’t published her first book but had been writing for ages. She wasn’t totally certain she belonged with us. But I said yes and pushed her to jump into the puddle with us.

Thus started our ragtag, let’s-blog-together sort of group. I grabbed the site and then wondered how I could make it look decent. Then I discovered our blog fairy, Jill James! I’m still not sure how she got that lace in the background of the blog! She went in behind me and fixed everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you for continuing to fix things when we…um…I mess them up. (It’s a strange, big, and often confusing world on the back side of a WordPress blog where we post and manage to do all the things that we do to make a blog look nice and if there’s a way to mess it up, I’ll do it!)

It took us a couple of months to get everything together but we did it. But while we were working to bring you this blog, we all became close friends. We know about jobs, children, husbands, hobbies, aging parents, and all those daily things. We commiserate when one of us has a computer (or car) that dives into the toilet. We get excited when someone releases another book, has a child succeed in a sport, graduate from school or marries, when a husband retires, has grandchildren visiting, or just takes a super vacation. It’s all part of the friendship that binds us.

We range from stay-at-home moms, successful entrepreneurs, and everything in between to a PhD in our midst and from the mother of three little ones to great-grandmothers. I think if you counted it up, there are more sons than daughters among us.  But we’re all authors and we have the need to write.

And the best part of this group is that everyone gets along! No inflated egos, no hotheads, no fussing – just really great women who we can be proud to call friends.

Last fall, we decided to create a boxed set of books, Christmas on Main Street, for our readers. After selling over fifty-three thousand copies, we figured you’d like Weddings on Main Street. (And you have! Thank you for making it an Amazon best seller, too.) Now we’re working to bring you another boxed set sometime after the winter holidays.

Yes, there are plenty of boxed sets out there and, as a reader, it’s a great way to find new authors. So why have ours done so well? The reviews will tell you, and the common thread on reviews from both of our boxed sets  has been that every story is well written and loved!

There’s no question as to why many so many of us have been best-selling authors and have won all sorts of awards and accolades in the publishing industry. We each write with different voices and bring different sub genres to the sets, but you as the reader can be assured that you are buying quality books and plenty of hours of enjoyment. And naturally we’re hoping you find a few favorites and buy all their books.

Many thanks to our format fairy, Mona, who has formatted our boxed sets, and to Stephanie and Jill who have handled any financial transactions for us. Seems no matter what arises, there’s a fairy in our group. Someone knows how to do it and willingly does.

What does it all mean to you? When you see our names or the Author of Main Street name you know you are assured of quality. And you get to see us as authors and women here on the blog. So click that Follow button at the top and have our posts come right to your inbox so you can grab a cup of coffee or iced tea and enjoy a few minutes with us. Make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter because we always have information in there and lots of prizes for our readers!

I’ve always thought of this blog like Elizabeth’s coffee shop that I describe in With This Ring. It’s where we as authors congregate and enjoy visiting with you.  I can see Carol slipping With This Ring1600 x 2400out of the house to get away from everything so she can write. Mona passing around photos from her latest adventure and Pepper sharing pictures of her large brood. Stephanie escaping from almost grown sons and Bella with her fiddle case beside her mumbling something about D flat. Susan flying through the door after dropping her girls off at school in need of something strong to keep her awake at work. And Kristy, who doesn’t drink anything with caffeine, coming just to get away from an empty house and some crazy desire to maybe polish the chandelier.

Me? I have ceiling fans that I’m afraid if I ever turned them on, they are apt to throw horrible things all over the room! (Oh wait, I was supposed to have spent August actually cleaning my house. Shh! That didn’t exactly happen. Other things got in the way.)

So here we are in the northern hemisphere facing fall. It’s a favorite time of year for me. I love the bright fall blooms and the turning leaves on the trees. That also means cooler nights with warm, but not stifling hot, days. Plus I love pumpkins! Come on, autumn. I’m ready!

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13 Responses to Blog Fairies, Boxed Sets, Etc.

  1. I love the community that created these awesome collections and introduced me to outstanding authors. Thank you to Tori Scott for my introduction to this fabulous group.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. stephaniequeen says:

    E., nice retrospective! Fabulous community of writers!
    About that new boxed set for Christmas…


    • E. Ayers says:

      No! Not new FOR Christmas…AFTER Christmas!
      We’re still trying to get it together folks! These things don’t happen overnight.


  3. susanrhughes says:

    I’d love to stop in at Elizabeth’s for a cup of coffee, and hopefully stay and chat for a bit. Too bad we don’t live that close together. Wonderful post.


    • E. Ayers says:

      I wish we had a real coffee shop, too. But I’d be so busy making coffee that I’d never have time to write. But oh, how I’d love to share a cup of…with all the authors on Main Street.


  4. I don’t drink coffee…hope there’s steamed mllk. I love that stuff.


  5. monarisk says:

    What a lovely recap of our getting together to blog and write. Yes, we found here wonderful friends.


  6. Joan Reeves says:

    E, I always enjoy your posts. It’s like meeting a friend for coffee and just talking about anything and everything.


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