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Small Town Halloween

Not that many people decorated their yard this year. This display is located down the street from my house. There is this and another display similar to it on the left hand side of the yard. At night orange lights … Continue reading

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A new Bestseller

It’s such a pleasure to announce that SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES is on the USA Today bestsellers list. When I read the caption, the emotion made me speechless for a moment, then I kept mumbling, Oh my God, Oh my God. … Continue reading

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How many times do we, as writers, brush aside our own memories to use as a base for a character? I know I have and do. We don’t base a character entirely on a particular person, but draw on traits … Continue reading

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My Sunday Nights in the Highlands Part 2

I swear I’m not obsessed with Outlander. But I just had to write about the wedding episode, having finally seen it a few weeks ago. There’s a “rule” in romance that while the heroine can be a virgin, the hero … Continue reading

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Titles Should Be Short—Or Long by Joan Reeves

There’s a rule that says book titles should be short. There’s another rule that says book titles should be long enough to attract attention. Sheesh! That’s the trouble with rules. No one can decide what the rule should be. Readers … Continue reading

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Entranced Halloween

Announcing the Entranced Box Set. I am pleased to be a part of this Halloween themed box set. Halloween is huge for Celts everywhere, and I am no exception to that truism. The Celts call Halloween, Samhain (sow-in). It is … Continue reading

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How to Write a Review

Authors need reviews. We need to know that our time behind the computer screen matters. A good review is like warm, gooey chocolate—savored and enjoyed. A poor review is like a water balloon to the face—it hits like a rock … Continue reading

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