Small Town Halloween

P1000311Not that many people decorated their yard this year. This display is located down the street from my house. There is this and another display similar to it on the left hand side of the yard. At night orange lights light up the area. I hope it scared some of the Trick-or-Treaters.

My son lives in a subdivision that is popular for Trick-or-Treaters, and he and his wife go all out to celebrate Halloween.

The town has a major function at the Courthouse square and afterwards the cars start lining up. This year it was held on Thursday night.

P1000313This was the first ‘batch’ of kids. Notice the delicate face paint on the two girls on the right. Some of the kids didn’t even say ‘Trick or Treat’ – they just held out their bag waiting for the candy to be dropped in. Though some parents trained their kids well and they did say ‘thank you’ and one bunch all said, ‘nice house’ which we thought was funny.

Cute CostumesI thought the little girl on the right had the cutest original costume. Note in the background the mode of transportation for the neighbors.


I thought this costume was original as well. Note the wagon in the left background that someone pulled around with kids inside. We saw princess outfits, several Ninja Turtles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, a really gruesome werewolf and a devil with a huge red face that scared a two year old when he saw it. Most of the costumes were bought, some were homemade and surprisingly, there were a few kids with no costumes at all.

After the Trick-or-Treaters left, we started eating. Here are some of the appetizers that my daughter-in-law made.

Deviled EggsThis gives a whole new meaning to ‘deviled eggs’!  Regular recipe, except put some green food coloring in the yokes, and take a toothpick and draw squiggly lines with red food coloring.

We had seafood gumbo, and several other dishes, including my white chocolate bread pudding, then watched the Saints play football on television. And yeah! they won!!!

But the best thing was the family present. All six of my kids, some of the grandkids…in costume. Extended family. All enjoying each other’s company. That is what is wonderful!


You might want to check out ‘The Devil Has Dimples’ which has a Halloween funeral. With over 125 five star reviews on Amazon, it’s an entertaining book set in Boggy Bayou Louisiana.

DHD 100jpeg




In the Deep South, one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new in a small town is, “Who’s your daddy?” The answer defines you as a person. Not knowing is disheartening.

Sara McLaughlin never knew she was adopted and is stunned to realize that if she wants to find out the questions burning in her brain as to the ‘why’ she was given up at birth, and who her father might be, she has to live in her birth mother’s apartment for the next six weeks.

Grant St. Romain, attorney, is supposed to be helping, but the hunky dimpled devil is making her mind think of other things.

Can she find the truth? Or will she break her heart trying to find out the answers in Boggy Bayou, where many secrets are hidden?

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5 Responses to Small Town Halloween

  1. Joan Reeves says:

    Love the pictures! I always take pics of the little ones who ring our doorbell. Halloween should be fun and safe. I have happy memories of trick or treating when I was a kid — back in the day before candy was an every day treat.

    I don’t think my mom ever met anyone without asking, “Who are your people?” In fact, I wrote an article back in my freelance days based on that.


  2. Carol says:

    It looks as though the night was a huge success! The kids were happy, smiling and the costumes were fabulous! Love the green eggs and I’m going to try the white chocolate bread pudding. Yum.


  3. susanrhughes says:

    Love the spooky display and the costumes.


  4. Jill James says:

    Love the costumes. Kids are so cute at Halloween.


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    Love the JellyBellies costume! The home of the JellyBelly is less than 20 minutes from my house :). It looks so warm in your photos. It was 35 degrees here for trick-or-treat.


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