The authors here on Main Street have been super busy, and I get to tell you about it and reveal the covers. We will be re-releasing Christmas on Main Street next Tuesday. But instead of eleven books in the boxed set there will be twelve! Joan Reeves is joining us this year.

XMAS 2014sm 849 x 500

And to make it all even more fun for everyone, we are going to be 2ddec800 x500releasing our newest book, Decorating on Main Street! You’ll get to see all those fun things we do with the instructions on how to do them.

So it’s been crazy at my house. I got the fabulous job of making the covers for both books. Plus I’m supposed to have a holiday book coming out by mid-November. Will someone please add a few more hours to my day? I really need them! I’m so behind on my holiday book!

October was filled with deadlines and so far November doesn’t look much better. But my madness has been filled with writer things, and my home front (once I got past October 9) has been rather quiet, so I won’t complain too much. When I look around on Main Street, we’ve had several authors dealing with some very serious situations.

Two of our authors lost parents in October. It’s very hard to say goodbye to someone we love and close that chapter in our lives. Both authors are mourning, yet like the rest of us on Main Street, they are trying to meet deadlines, too.

I am more than happy to put October behind me. November has become a milestone month for me. My oldest daughter was born on the first. I was married in this month and I refuse to celebrate another birthday this month even though that number on the calendar glares at me. I’ve reached that point in my life where I no longer want to be reminded that I’m having a birthday. If I don’t celebrate then I haven’t had one, and I’m not any older!

I looked at my daughter and I told her that I had her when I was two. She laughed and told me not to worry about it because she was only twenty-nine. Yes, I raised her right! If I could convince her daughter to stop having birthdays, we might be able to pull this off. Inside of me, I’m still thirty-something, but I’ll only admit to be being forty-five.

The trees around here in the SE corner of Virginia are just turning color. And tonight’s first freeze should snap them all. I love autumn. It comes a little late here. The ocean and the Chesapeake Bay help to hold our temperatures up. That means it delays our need for heat and the heating bills that come with it. We actually had a very mild October and I only had to take the chill out of the air a few times, but yesterday’s blustery weather seems to have ushered in the colder fall weather and I’ve had to wear my winter coat in the evenings.

So November is is here, we set the clocks back and I didn’t didn’t realize it until after 11:30 PM on Sunday that it was only 10:30 PM. I really do need to get away from my computer and pay attention to the world around me!

In spite of the craziness that always seems to surround me, I’m excited about this beautiful month. I can’t wait for our books to release. I can’t wait to get my holiday book published and maybe I’ll find a few days to enjoy the colors of nature. Until then, I’ll be a gopher and only stick my head up from my computer hole for a moment or two until I’ve met my deadlines.

And just because we’ve passed Halloween, it’s not too late to read A Skeleton at Her Door. It really is a Fall romance. This weekend I found a book coverreview of it on a blog  and the reviewer said, “The biggest plus here is Ms. Ayers’ strong sense of craftsmanship. The set up of A Skeleton at Her Door is masterful.”

I just love reading good reviews! If you love a book, review it. It’s the nicest thing you can do for an author. I promise that review made my day.

Trick or Treat! Angie Robertson opens her door and finds a six-foot tall skeleton on her doorstep. Is it a trick or a treat?

Angie thought the man at her door was her neighbor. Except he wasn’t. Dressed for a charity event Tom Meyer winds up on the wrong doorstep and this just might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

What if the skeleton was a really nice guy who’d been burned by enough women that he’s lost faith in ever finding someone who could be faithful?

A Skeleton at Her Door is a sensual romance. It’s about trusting, putting the past away, and finding love when it’s least expected. It’s also about blending two households, parenting, three children, and sneaking off for some adult time.

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6 Responses to Deadlines!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the blog. I too am well past birthdays and despite aches pains and pills, No way can I be more than 40. I miss the Autumn changes even though I love my home. I thought I had Skeleton but I didn’t so thanks for the reminder. I always double check when it is easy! Good luck with the new books, I look forward to seeing what you bring us.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Jeanie. As you have discovered, we’ve got some really wonderful talent here on Main Street and a wide range of voices. It’s so much fun when we combine to create boxed sets and the decorating book – I’ve only seen what a few have written, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

      I’d be heartbroken if I lived where I didn’t get a colorful Fall. And as much as I’d like to see a palm tree Christmas, I really miss my childhood Christmases where snow came to the bottom of the windows in our house and Santa sprinkled a fresh layer of snow over everything on Christmas Eve!


  2. leighmorgan1 says:

    So excited about the release! Been a rough couple of months for many of us at AoMS…happy to be looking forward to the rest of the year and the work to come. Thanks for the post, E.! And Happy Birthday~here’s to celebrating the fact that you were born. We can always fudge the year 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday to you, E. I won’t tell you how old I am! We’re only as old as we feel. You’re a super lady to give your time for the covers of our books, as are all the ladies who work so hard to bring them together. I’m excited about the release of Christmas on Main Street, and that Joan Reeves is joining us this year. Love the cover for our Decorating on Main Street. The broken bulb at the bottom is a nice touch. Get some rest!


    • E. Ayers says:

      Broken bulbs are part of the decorating. I’ve got some very old bulbs and I always want to cry when one of those drops to the floor.

      Carol, you’re like me, we’ll turn 45 someday.

      Thank Mona, Joan, Jill, and Pepper for all their hard work. I got to do the fun part of it.


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