A Mid-Century Modern Christmas


Mid-century Modern decor is enjoying a comeback, thanks in part to shows like Mad Men. Who can resist the swank lines, hip colors, and all that shiny chrome? Mid-mod Christmas decor is especially fun–enhanced by aluminum trees and color wheels.


Perhaps part of such appeal is a nostalgia for the ‘good old days’–even if they weren’t so good. Sometimes the past can shimmer with a halcyon glow just because the current time is so bewildering. That said, can anyone imagine a return to an 80s theme? Yep, I just shivered a little, too.

putz house

Putz houses are a mid-mod Christmas fav, and you can find instructions in our free decorating book Authors of Main Street Holiday Decorating. I made the little cutie above and will be making many more this season (it’s like I can’t stop).

So get your mid-mod on this Christmas. The internet is loaded with inspirational sites–especially Pinterest sites like this one. And this one, too. Here’s another fav. Can you feel those creative juices starting up?


To help with the mid-century modern theme, I’ll be releasing a new time travel romance next week called Retro Romance Presents: Mid-Century Mayhem, Book One in the Time Travel by Design Series.

Modern day Nashville and 1950s Detroit clash worse than an IKEA futon and a plaid Barcalounger when a free-spirited interior designer and a strait-laced automotive engineer find themselves in another time. TOMS-wearing Olivia Haugen and Madras-shirted Kyle Daniels have no idea why they’ve ended up in 1954 Michigan, but it’s probably not because of all the swank mid-century furnishings. Discovering the reason might have something to do with a wily salvage warehouse owner and her not-so-little shop of secrets.

I had a blast researching the era and was even able to add some of my own memories of the time, having grown up in a mid-century bungalow. I live in a granny ranch now, so I’m like an expert 😉

So, whether your crafting, decorating, or reading, it’s definitely the season for Mid-Century Modern!


About bellastreet

Living so close to Nashville has provoked Bella to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes romance with a touch of weird. Visit her at www.bellastreetwrites.blogspot.com
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8 Responses to A Mid-Century Modern Christmas

  1. leighmorgan1 says:

    No 80’s themes for me…just thinking about all that “Mall-Hair” makes me cringe. What were we thinking? 😉 Great post, Bella! That said, I wouldn’t really want a 50’s Christmas either, although I think I could do some rainbow decorations and peace signs.

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  2. E. Ayers says:

    Oh, yes, just flip through those old family photo albums. LOL

    Back back then, you put the tinsel on the tree and it stayed there. It wasn’t like the stuff today that floats all over the place. Yeah, I know it had lead in it and it was heavy. We also carefully removed it from the tree, draped it over cardboard, and saved it for the following year. Things weren’t disposable back then.

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  3. susanrhughes says:

    Sounds great!
    I do love that photo of the retro tree.

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  4. Mad Men era I could handle, more men in well tailored suits. The 80’s woudl be difficult, more men in parachute pants and neon! LOL

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  5. Carol says:

    Congrats and best of luck with your new release Bella! Your Putz house rocks! I’m happy with the way things are now. I bought a pre-lit tree a couple of years ago and don’t want to give them up. Ever! Great post.

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  6. Kristy Tate says:

    Yeah! I love time-travel books. I can’t wait to read yours. My latest is a time-travel as well. Its the first in a series of time travel books. In my work in progress, I had my doctor heroine goes 1870 to Colorado and helps deliver a colt. Can you believe I was able to find several YouTube videos of horses delivering fouls? So glad we live in our era!

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  7. Joan Reeves says:

    I remember the year my mom brought home the aluminum Christmas tree with the color wheel that rotated because you couldn’t put lights on the metal tree. I hated it! Now, the 80’s? Hey, what’s wrong with the 80’s. That decade brought us the rise of romance novels, the first Star Wars movies, Alf on TV, the collapse of communism, the birth of the home computer, some of the best music ever (Cyndi Lauper, Hall & Oates, Springsteen, Don Henley, Wham! Blondie, The Cars, Aerosmith–just to name a few), the end of the cold war, Hill Street Blues, Cheers, Cagney and Lacey, MacGuyver, Family Ties, The Weather Channel, CNN, and my kids! *g*

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  8. bellastreet says:

    Joan, I guess my spending part of the 80s in high school has forever tainted it for me. LOL.


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