‘Tis the Season for GIVING

Christmas Photo 2013

Christmas Photo 2013

The Holiday Season is upon us! 🙂

Once again, December has snuck up on me. It happens every year and yet, I think we all say it anyway, don’t we… Where did this year go?

This year may have gone by quickly, but it was well spent. From big changes, like my little sister going off to college, which actually brought her closer to me location wise. To signing with a new publisher, for 6 books, between this December and next. To smaller, in the moment things, like spending a great summer with King Triton – visiting family and basking in the sun. There were a lot of little things that made my year, most of them involved being able to spend more time with my kiddo and writing a ton. It has been a good year, so it seems only right to end it in gratitude and joy!

Every year, Triton and I have a tradition that involves new PJ’s on Christmas Eve, hot cocoa, andIMG_5564 hopefully a sweet treat. This was us, last year in all of our PJ glory. This year the tree will be different, the PJ’s will be different, but the smiles will be just as big and bright. We are adding a new tradition this year, by changing our gifting policy. With only a few exceptions, we are gifting the “grown-ups” in our life with honory donations, made in their names, to a charity we feel represents who they are.

For example, we have a large military component to the people we call family and friends; so those who fall into that category, will more than likely receive a donation made in their honor to The Wounded Warriors Project. Our family members who love animals and would adopt them all if they had the room, will receive a donation to ASPCA. I thought it would be a great lesson for Triton and maybe a few of the adults we know, as well. HA 😉

I let Triton choose the charities, although he has actually proposed too many of them. LOL! Which leads me to believe he is learning the lesson, that giving is the best part of the season. It’s always been my favorite part, probably because getting gifts makes me uncomfortable at times. But gift giving, makes me joyous and fills my heart.

There are many charities to choose from, and I hope that this year you will consider giving that hard to buy for person, a goat or a bee hive from OXFAM. A small village will use this to feed themselves and/or for an income. You would be amazed what you can gift, so many cool things. It has been fun learning about all of these charities and discussing the act of giving with my son, I am hoping to continue this new tradition next year.


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In other news, on 12.12.14, I will have a new release out with Forever Red Publishing. It is available now for Pre-Order on amazon, click here to order —> Once Upon a Wedding. This will be first of 4 novellas in my One Day at a Wedding Series, with a new book releasing every 2-3 weeks, until the end of January. I am very excited about this series and hope that everyone enjoys them, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

In the meantime the Authors of Main Street have a Christmas Boxed Set currently available for sale.

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Thank you for stopping by today to visit us here. I/We would love to hear about your traditions at this time of the year, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life!

Kelly Rae

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8 Responses to ‘Tis the Season for GIVING

  1. bellastreet says:

    Our family has gone in together on purchases for World Vision–such as goats and chickens. It’s so much more satisfying than buying each other more stuff we don’t need 🙂

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  2. It really does feel good! I love the idea of giving goats and chickens, etc. through any organization because it feels like more than one gift to one person, you are giving food, income, a sustainable existence to a family. It’s been fun picking and choosing what to get people.

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  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    What wonderful traditions you’ve established with King Triton. I hope 2015 is even better to you and your family than 2014 has been–congrats on your contracts! Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright and you get to spend most of it with your little man in P.J.s.

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  4. Carol says:

    Giving does feel better than receiving, and you’ve chosen some great charities. Even if you never see the smiles your gift brought, you know they’re there. Wonderful photos of you and Triton! Congrats on your new release, may sales soar!

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  5. Kristy Tate says:

    We also give pjs on Christmas Eve. It’s gotten pretty ridiculous. It’s a competition to see who can find the most bizarre pjs for my husband. This years it’s penguins. (Don’t tell him.) He has a growing collection of outlandish pjs. Another fun tradition is we all draw names for one homemade gift to another family member. When the kids were little, these were also pretty silly, but as the years have gone by, the homemade gifts are by far the best ones to get.

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  6. Joan Reeves says:

    We do flannel shirts for one and all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Kelly and family.


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