Ready, Set, Go!

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It’s a new year and I have been excited for its arrival for a while now. There were a lot of fantastic things that came about in 2014. Including, the purchase of my One Day at a Wedding Series to Forever Red Publishing. The first two books, have been very well received and the third will be out on the 9th of this month. The best it yet to come, starting with the release of Book 3, Anything but a Wedding, starring Thad Carlmont!

Anything but a Wedding: Pre Order Now / Goes Love 01.09.15 (That should be LIVE – but I sort of preferred the typo, LOL!)

Amazon Pre-Order Link

Thad never expected to find anyone who meant more to him than his best friend, Cassie. She was the one woman he loved enough not to sleep with. He was a player, but an honest one. Unfortunately, not everyone felt that balanced out his love ’em and leave ’em ways. He just didn’t see a need to settle down — yet. Then, he met Brianna, who made him think about the future — a future with her — which was a new experience for Thad. Brianna is also a new kind of woman and convincing her that they have a future might just be the challenge of his life.

Thad - Teaser 2Thad is one of my favorite creations. He is everything we all hope for in a man, including his faults. Thad is kind and generous, he cares about his friends and is all around sexy. Sexy from his shoes to his well styled hair. As you get to know him you will find that who he is, how he treats people, and the way he loves are the real reasons to adore him.

Granted the sexy smile and haunting eyes don’t hurt! 🙂

It would be fair to say that I fell a little in love with him, as I wrote this story. Then a little more when I wrote Brianna’s story in, Not One More Wedding (also out this month). Luckily for me, my publisher has asked for another Thad based book, which will be out around Valentine’s Day! I was happy to write more about him and fall in love again, more, still – whatever the case may be. 😛

This year, I also sold 2 additional full length novels to be published, in 2015. That’s five books, signed and to be delivered THIS YEAR. Oh, and of course the women at The Authors of Main Street are working on another project for our readers this year, maybe two. Needless to say, I have a lot to look forward to this year. A lot of writing, promoting, and falling in love. What else can a romance writer ask for in a New Year? Not much!

Here are some teasers from the One Day at a Wedding Series, just for fun! If you want more info on the series or my other books, please visit my Author Page on Amazon, for details. You can also click the Yellow Favorite button and sign up for notices about new releases!

Dan - Teaser 1 Thad - Teaser 1

Now that I have shared what I have to look forward to this year, tell me what you have in store. What are your goals or resolutions, personal or professional – we like them all.

Thanks for stopping by today to spend some time with us, we always appreciate the time you take to read our blog.

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life!

Kelly Rae

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9 Responses to Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Love your meme’s. The first one is so romantic!

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  2. Carol says:

    Congratulations on all the new books, Kelly! Love the covers.This is an exciting new year for you.

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  3. Reblogged this on Kelly Rae & Jocelyn Bell Books and commented:

    Come on over to the Authors of Main Street and check out my post on what’s up for 2015. With so much ahead it’s both excitig and scary. Luckily, I sort enjoy being scared – it just means it’s time to jump in with both feet. Ready, Set, Gooooooo! 😛


  4. monarisk says:

    Gorgeous book covers and memes. Best of luck for 2015.

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  5. Joan Reeves says:

    Kelly, love the covers. Good luck with the rest of the books.

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  6. leighmorgan1 says:

    Love the title of the fourth book! All the covers are fantastic. Congrats, lovely one!

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