Scents and Fragrances

Unusual Christmas Bestseller MAuthors often specify a fragrance to ground the reader in a scene. During love scenes, the hero inhales with pleasure the perfume of his leading lady, and the heroine swoons at the masculine scent of her hunk. Hmm, forgive the purple prose, please.

That fresh scent that puts a smile on your face every time you breathe it in reveals plenty about the type of person you are. According to Dr. Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, “The area of the brain that’s used to process smells is actually part of the emotional center.”

What’s your favorite scent?

Lavender: You’re thoughtful.
It could be a subconscious desire for serenity that attracts 220px-Single_lavendar_flower02you to this perfumed scent. You need tranquility. Because of your reserved, kind nature, you prefer small gatherings and you know how to listen.





Coffee: You’re fun to be around. main-slider-january-2015-roasters-blend

The smell of coffee alone is enough to provide a boost of energy. If you love this aroma, your enthusiasm for life and willingness to dive into new experiences is infectious. Everyone loves your company.

Green grass: You’re so caring. The subtle scent of fresh green grass induces nostalgia. If you’re drawn to this scent, it’s likely because it brings back happy memories of childhood times You’re so warm people are drawn to you because you take their feelings into consideration.

Citrus: You’re outspoken. The sharp acidic scent of citrus can increase excitement. This lemon_tree_8appeals to your candid nature. You’re not afraid to share your opinions. Your friends love you because you bring elements of fun into their lives.

Lilac: You’re an optimist. The sweet scent of lilac appeals to the romantic in you. You’re emotional and you love passionately. Because you’re so sure things will work out, you’re Royal_Botanical_Gardens_Lilac_Celebrationalways open to new possibilities. You make people believe you can do anything.

So play the game and tell us which fragrance you prefer. And choose scents for your hero and heroine.



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15 Responses to Scents and Fragrances

  1. leighmorgan1 says:

    I love lavender and citrus…guess I’m striving for tranquility for my outspoken self :). Great post, Mona. I try to give at least one female character a scent recognizable by another in each of my stories. Scent is so evocative and memory provoking. Grandma: Channel #5; Mother: Lily of the Valley; Daughter: Carmelized sugar mixed with something tropical. All I have to do is smell any of these and memories and images wash over me. Thanks for making my morning!

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  2. Joan Reeves says:

    Enjoyed your post, Mona. As you know, the science of smell is a favorite subject of mine. It’s endlessly fascinating. My novel SCENTS and SENSUALITY revolves around the world of scent and features a heroine who is a perfumer. About 10 years ago, I wrote a blog post: “10 Best Smells in the World.” That post continues to draw readers. Over 3000 views the last time I checked! A few I particularly like are: brewing coffee, baking bread, newly mown grass, & a clean baby. *g*

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  3. marichristie says:

    Interesting! In my latest book, the heroine smells like lavender and lilac, quite perfect given these definitions, and the hero smells like witch hazel, citrus, and leather, also accurate (the citrus, at any rate).

    Coming up in the next, the hero smells like “the bay oil, anise, and camphor of his shaving soap, the leather of his boots, and the mint he chewed to clear his mouth of the occasional smell of brandy,” and the heroine smells like cinnamon and ginger. Not sure what any of that means, except that together, they smell like a good kitchen. 😉

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  4. monarisk says:

    I love cinnamon or anise smells! I’d rather avoid camphor or ginger. LOL

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  5. When I was young and used to go out dancing there was this one martini bar where several of the men smelled like Pine – on the verge of pine sol, but not as pleasant. Every time they walked past me, it made my tummy a little ill. One of them asked me to dance and I had to say NO for fear I might get sick or burn my nose hairs while getting too close. So, yes, smell is very important! LOL

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  6. Bella says:

    I’m citrus all the way. Huh, so you’re sayin’ I’m mouthy? LOL

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  7. Carol says:

    I love the scent of line dried clothes. Crazy, but that’s one thing that reminds me of my mom. Fresh smelling linens. Can’t take the scent of pipe smoke. Haven’t found one yet I could tolerate, especially cherry scented. Makes my stomach roll. :O I love the smell of coffee and bacon in the morning, lemon scented anything, sweet roses, lilac, and lavender. There isn’t anything in the world as sweet as the smell of a newborn baby. Nothing. Newly mowed grass is wonderful! Smells like watermelon to me! Lol.

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  8. I love the smell of lilac. But it doesn’t grow in the South…Granny had a bush by the back door and I loved to step into it and smell. The clean scent of orange flowers awesome. We have several trees and I love when they are in bloom. But gardenias have been one of my favorites since I was a kid. I have some of those growing outside as well. One picked blossom with scent up the room.

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