Cooking and Writing – How Are They Alike?

The other day, a friend and I were discussing dinner. After I told her what I was preparing that night for dinner, she said, “You should think of writing a cookbook.”

Well, I laughed. When people ask for a recipe, it takes a while to measure ingredients as I prepare whatever dish they’ve asked for. Then, I hope and pray their dish turns out.

Most everything I cook is done naturally. I throw everything together without thought. I don’t do recipes well unless it’s a baked item. Exact ingredients and measuring is crucial to the outcome. Still substitutions, such as apple sauce for oil, a sugar substitute for sugar and in some instances, wheat flour for white flour works beautifully.

Since my husband is a heart patient and we’re both diabetic, preparation for any meal is quite a challenge. Oil, sugar, and starches are three of the most troublesome items to deal with. But I manage to work around all of it with a bit of switching ingredients.

Not all dishes turn out perfectly and usually require a couple of times, or more, to get it right. I keep at it until the dishes are palatable.

Cooking reminds me of writing. While we prepare our characters for inclusion into our stories, substitutions, changes must be made. There are times a name, age, location and other factors, simply don’t fit the storyline. That’s when we roll up our sleeves and adjust where needed.

While we’re at it, we add in emotion, scents, touch, feeling, etc. Those elements enhance characterization, and the storyline. As a reader, as well as a writer, a book filled with more than salt and pepper, holds my attention and keeps me turning pages.

So break out the spice jars! Enjoy cooking, writing and reading.

A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding – Book Two, coming soon.

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About Carol

Carol falls in love with every character she writes in her books. She loves basing them on the good and the bad personalities that make up life. That's what makes them real. Carol feels as though she’s in a movie when visualizing characters and she jumps right onto the page with them. Often the theme of her books is forgiveness. Whether planned or not, forgiveness sneaks its way into her stories. That's okay, because Carol believes forgiving others is essential. She favors a great story, with slices of twists that cause her to reflect on the problems life throws at us and how we react. Carol believes in happy endings. Humor is a big part of her stories and daily routine, and yes, she laughs a lot! Travel is one of her favorite things to do. She dabbles in art, always has popcorn and hot chocolate on hand. Carol is a small-town girl at heart and her stories are peppered with a dose of humor, based on Southern roots. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family.
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6 Responses to Cooking and Writing – How Are They Alike?

  1. Joan Reeves says:

    Lovely post, Carol. I’m an intuitive cook also but I sometimes follow recipes too. Amazingly that’s kind of how I write–instinctively but with a brief outline too.

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    • Carol says:

      When I first began to write, I once had an author tell me once the outline is finished, Do Not vary the story from the outline. Needless to say, this all but drove me nuts. I trusted her, But Now Know what may have worked for her, Did Not Work for me. Characters have their own way of doing things and need to marinate a while before baking. Lol. A brief outline is all I need too, because I know it’s bound to change.


  2. leighmorgan1 says:

    Carol, I’m an intuitive cook as well. Working with the health issues you need to, I think writing a cookbook—or at least saving your recipes/ideas for future cooks—is a wonderful idea. My grandma used to just list ingredients in her cook books. 🙂

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    • Carol says:

      Leigh you wouldn’t believe the notes on my cookbooks and notes stuck between pages. I can only imagine your grandma’s cookbooks! Once I get all these other writing needs completed I may consider a healthy cookbook. In the meantime, my cookbooks will continue to be marked and changed. 🙂

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