Happy Valentine’s Day (and check out my new release)

Valentine’s Day – one day a year that’s dedicated to the celebration of love. What better theme could there be for a romance novel?

I’ve just released Forever Your ValentiValentine cover test font.inddne, the third book in my Eastport series. The heroine of this story is Faith, who appears in the first book, Secret Vow, as Brooke’s childhood best friend, and shows up again as a minor character in Kiss the Bridesmaid. Forever Your Valentine gives Faith her own love story, and gave me the opportunity to delve into her somewhat prickly character, formed by a troubled past and the resulting insecurities I’d only hinted at in the first two books.

The story begins on Valentine’s Day. Faith is newly divorced, having discovered her husband’s infidelity exactly a year ago. Though she’d rather try to ignore the holiday, her friend drags her out to a pub. There she meets Cole McKenna, a former pro hockey player who now works as a scout for the NHL. Attraction crackles between them, but Cole’s a confirmed bachelor whose career keeps him on the road most of the year. With her heart still mending from her divorce, Faith resolves to keep her relationship with Cole strictly platonic—a pledge that becomes harder to keep as they grow closer. After a day trip to a romantic island leads to a night of passion, they both discover feelings they aren’t quite ready to acknowledge. Will that one night together ruin their friendship, or could they be falling in love?

Forever Your Valentine is now available for 99 cents!

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