When Is Love Not Enough? by Pepper Phillips

Isn’t love grand?  That kiss that makes you forget where you are. The longing to see the person again. Thinking, thinking, thinking of them every second of the day. Wondering if they love you back? The excitement when they touch you.

Then you marry.

Some people continue that love, though it might change over the years.

Others give up. Changing partners like discarded tissues. Leaving a love because they didn’t measure up to the requirements of daily commitment. Couples who didn’t or couldn’t work things out.

In my book, ‘Unconditionally’ Caroline is faced with making a choice when she discovers her husband cheating once again.

Unconditionally 300dpi

Shouldn’t love be unconditional? Your parents, your spouse, your children, your closest friends? Can we count on them loving us as we love them? Sometimes not and what happens when you discover unconditional love for the first time?

A drama following one woman’s journey to discover if she can accept being loved, with and without conditions.

“What a wonderful read. I didn’t want it to end.” Liz Lipperman
“I throughly enjoyed it!! I couldn’t put it down! I found myself to be deeply engrossed in the story. Such tenderness between friends touched my heart. In some areas, I could totally relate to Caroline. I recommend this to anyone!” Zannemarie

On sale now for 99 cents.

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The Power of Prayer

We have often heard friends complain about a distressing event, death of a relative, sickness, loss of a job, or a monetary setback. They often end their stories with a special plea: “Pray for me.”

Supportive friends send their best wishes, promise to pray or share some special ‘vibes’.

We see terrible scenes on TV news and wonder why, and we pray. But the disasters and killings intensify and our prayers are not answered.

I read somewhere that America is a praying country, and the older we get, the more we pray. An impressive 48% of Americans ages 18 through 29 pray every day, the Pew Research Center reports. For the 50 through 59 age group, the number grows to 61%, and the 70-plus crowd is downright pious, checking in on a daily basis.

Prayers are like letters that flutter upward, missive of gratitude or requests for blessings. Some people pray every day, some only on special occasion. For some prayers are like urgent calls of help sent to God. “SOS I need you right away.”

When I was small my parents taught me to recite a bed prayer: “God Bless Mommy, God Bless Daddy, my big brother, my little sister and all the people I love.”

I did the same with my children and grandchildren.

Many remember the famous paragraph from the Gospel, “Ask and you will be given. Knock and the door will open for you.”

Right now we are praying for my husband’s niece. She’s 43, has two children 10 and 7 and she’s been battling colon and then lung cancer for three years. She’s undergone several surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy. She’s fighting with all her will, to live and be allowed to see her children grow. Family and friends have organized a chain of prayers for her, and we refuse to believe the doctors’ prognosis that she has only three years to live, if lucky.

So do you believe in the power of prayer? Do prayers change things?

What if God doesn’t seem to listen and your prayers are not answered?


Actors Portraying Characters

Once I wrap my head around a storyline, actors with clear-cut personalities make their way into my head. I see characters, as I think an actor would portray them, in my story, as though a movie is playing. For my book A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Sandra Bullock represented the main character, Tina. I envisioned Sandra as Tina in every scene I wrote. Sandra Bullock, most of the time, plays spirited, and infectious characters, so does Tina capture the same traits in A Smoky Mountain Christmas.


I’m excited my book, Perfect Match, is in our upcoming Boxed Set, Love Blooms on Main Street, release date April 30, 2015.

Perfect Match: The flower Forget-Me-Not symbolize true love and remembrance. Cali finds love again with Trace. In the midst of mistrust and a triangle with Trace’s deceased wife, Cali refuses to play second-fiddle to a ghost. Can they earn a second chance at love?

PM Cover

These are the actors that played in my mind while writing Perfect Match.

Cali Weston, heroine: Meg Ryan

Trace Robbins, hero: Greg Kinnear

Dylan Robbins, young boy: Connor Corum

Burt Hall, Cali’s old friend: Robert Duvall

Faye Ragland, meddlesome sister to Helen: Shirley MacLaine

Helen Ragland, meddlesome sister to Faye: Betty White

Tim Stone, the lawyer: Tom Skerritt

Sarah, the housekeeper: Olympia Dukakis

Sheriff Lang: Jeff Bridges

Stephen Moran-art dealer & villain: Matthew McConaughey

I enjoyed writing this book while the characters dealt with forgiveness and the loss of a loved one. All of us deal with these issues our own way. This is Cali and Trace’s journey toward progression in their particular difficulties.

Do you envision actors as your characters while you read or write?

Check back often for updates on our newest Boxed Set, Love Blooms on Main Street.

Links to my books, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Diesel, Apple and Smashwords, can be found here: http://caroldevaney.weebly.com/my-books.html

Cinderella Blue: Romance and Cops by Joan Reeves

Cinderella Blue by Joan Reeves

Pre-Order now! Only 99cents On Kindle

In my new romantic comedy, Cinderella Blue, Love means never having to say, “You’re under arrest.”

Joan’ s March Giveaway

To be eligible to win the March Giveaway of a Swag Bag or an online gift card (gift varies based on delivery destination), leave a comment with your email address. Closes midnight March 31. Winner notified by email. Name posted in WordPlay, Joan’s email list.

Wow! I finally finished this book that I began working on in 2013. No, I’m not just abysmally slow. From the time I started updating this book which had been published about ten years ago in print, these are just a few of the…

Life Events That Happened

1. Sold our house. 2. Moved all the furniture into storage. 3. Moved to our weekend house in the country for the next 6 months. 4. Bought a townhouse in Houston. 5. Began 3 week remodeling project on townhouse. 3 weeks was the contractor’s timeline. 4. 15 weeks later, the 3-week remodeling was completed. 5. Moved all furniture out of storage and into townhouse. 6. Moved back to Houston and into townhouse. 7. Unpacked, arranged stuff, moved furniture around, etc. 8. Woke up one morning and could not raise my right arm without excruciating pain. 9. Went through 6 months of physical therapy, massage, pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, and learned all kinds of painful ways to stretch the trapezius muscles in my shoulders where nerves were pinched.

Yep, Life Sucks Sometimes

Little did I know that updating this book and bringing it back to its original length which had been cut by the editor all those years ago would require the patience of Job, months of persistence, and the will power of Gandhi. This romance saw more stops and starts than a freeway gridlock.

At times, I delighted in escaping the chaos around me by entering the Fictional World where I am the Master of Space, Time, and Dimension. (Mistress just sounds kind of funny.)

I see all and know all and can solve a character’s problems before dinner each night and give them a rousing happily ever after that will make a reader smile. Ah, if life were only like that.

About Cinderella Blue

In this book, I’ve done a bit of a flip-flop with character cliches. In most stories involving a cop hero, the cop avoids commitment at all costs. In Cinderella Blue, Detective Bruce Benton, first introduced in Nobody’s Cinderella, is commitment phobic, but so is Detective Andrea Luft.

I had fun solving Andie’s problems stemming out of her emotional baggage. Cinderella Blue is on sale for only 99cents during the pre-order period. The book releases March 31 so I hope you’ll take advantage of that and buy it before the price rises to $3.99.

Excerpt, Cinderella Blue

Heat shimmered in waves above the pavement. Across the street, Bruce Benton saw a cluster of shops that created one-stop shopping for women looking to drop a few grand on a pretentious wedding. He crossed the street and headed to the flower shop. As he passed the glass storefront of a photographer’s studio, he saw a woman inside. A nano second later, he stopped abruptly. The heat must be frying his brain. He retraced his steps, casually glancing in again. The woman wore a wedding dress, but instead of a bridal bouquet, she held a handgun.

Bruce drew his Glock and eased the door open. A bell over the door jingled. He cringed as he slipped inside. Maybe she was deaf. The woman whirled. Nope. Not deaf. She held her gun in the same shooter’s stance as he. “Take it easy, lady. Maybe the photographer took some lousy pictures of you. That’s no reason to shoot him.”

“That’s funny.” The blonde suddenly grinned, but her gun never wavered. “You’re cute. Anyone ever tell you that you look kind of like Karl Urban?”

“Let’s not talk about some Aussie actor. Let’s talk about you. Why would a sweet thing like you have a gun?”

“Sweet thing?” Irritation replaced her grin. “Lower your gun. Lay it on the floor.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see I’m a–”

Everything happened at once. A man rushed from behind her, slammed into her, and sent her flying into Bruce. They went down in a tangle of arms, legs, and miles of white satin. She came up snarling.

Bruce leaped up, gun in hand. “Freeze!”

He grinned and pulled out his handcuffs. “I always wanted to say that. Just like a TV cop. You lost your gun, sweet thing.”

He stepped toward her. With a snarl, she whirled. He saw a white blur and felt agony in his hand. A roundhouse kick to his solar plexus cut off his gasp of pain. He hit the floor. Wheezing, he tried to rise, but the blonde stood over him with her gun–and his–pointed at him.

She smiled. “Uh uh, sweet thing. You stay right where you are.”

Bruce groaned. Not from pain so much as humiliation. Crap. He’d never live this down.

Book Details

Available for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Only 99cents during this pre-order period. Prices rises to $3.99 on April 13.

(Joan Reeves writes Sassy, Sexy Contemporary Romance. Her books are available at all major ebook sellers with audio editions available at Amazon, Audible.com, and iTunes. Joan publishes Writing Hacks, a free newsletter for writers, and WordPlay, a free newsletter for readers. Find Joan online: Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Joan lives her happily ever after with her hero, and she encourages you to believe that: It’s never too late to live happily ever after!)

Blessings for Spring

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about blessings lately and how to write them. Blessings should come as naturally as swearing in traffic or gesturing like a mad woman at the computer when the words don’t flow and I feel like my brain has morphed into cotton candy. Yet they don’t. Not for me.


I think the reason I’ve been working on reading and writing blessings is that life has been challenging over the last year or so for me and many of my friends and acquaintances. Challenges that are more than inconvenient. In many cases, these challenges have been life altering. Even potentially good alterations in life can truly stink at the moment. When these challenges come and it’s time to take a deep breath and say, Well hell, that didn’t go as planned…time for a new plan, many of us fall back on our work to keep us whole.


Work is something we all do. It is something each and every one of us wants to take pride in and do our utmost to see done well no matter what it iswith the possible exceptions of answering e-mails and maintaining a clean house. Spring is a time when, for most of us who write, we start to panic at all that we need to see done before the year’s end. If you don’t have this quasi-paniced drive and worry kicking in now, skip immediately to the blessing, you are already well adjusted.


I love the energy of spring. The new growth. The feeling that, yes!, this is going to be the best work year for me yet. I will see better work accomplished. I will improve in craft, content and volume of what I do. These are things I can control. These are doable things. To achieve that there must be balance and an appreciation that not everything is going to go according to plan. That can be a good thing too.


So, as spring progresses and life begins to bloom again in the world around us, I am hopeful it will bloom in our spirits with renewed energy. We are looking forward to our new box set here on Main Street and it has the same theme: LOVE BLOOMS. Indeed, it does. Always.


Here’s a blessing I love from John O’ Donohue in his book on Celtic spirituality, Anam Cara:

May the light of your soul guide you. May the light of your soul bless the work you do with the secret love and warmth of your heart. May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul. May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light, and renewal to those who work with you and to those who see and receive your work. May your work never weary you. May it release within you wellsprings of refreshment, inspiration, and excitement. May you be present in what you do. May you never become lost in the bland absences. May the day never burden. May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams, possibilities, and promises. May evening find you gracious and fulfilled. May you go into the night blessed, sheltered, and protected. May your soul calm, console, and renew you.

May you always find something sacred in every day. I hope spring brings a feeling of renewal to you all. May each of us strive for perfection and find excellence at least once every day in whatever we do. Happy Spring!



Riding the Rollercoaster

Life for a writer can be a series of highs andclip-art-rollercoaster-428971 lows. If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. One day you’re brimming with great ideas and excited about your work in progress, and the next you’re blocked, struggling to produce even one decent sentence. Sales are lagging or a bad review comes in, and you’re ready to quit writing altogether.

Nothing has more ups and down for me than starting a new project. I’ve recently begun a new Christmas story, and I’ve already run the gamut of emotions.

First there’s giddy excitement. I’ve got an awesome new idea. A couple of main characters with a great conflict. I’ve got a plot sketched out. OK, time to start that first scene. Nothing can stop me now.

Next comes the crash back to Earth, after I’ve drafted the first couple of chapters. I read them over and wince. I’ve used most of those phrases a dozen times before. I’ve absolutely run out of ways to describe people’s eyes and hair and the way they smile and gaze at each other. The writing just isn’t fresh or sharp. Damn, the scene I’ve just written is pretty close to one I used in another book. 

For a while, I figure I’ve run out of steam. Am I burned out? Have I already written everything I had in me? But I keep going, keep editing, and at some point I hit my stride. The best days are those when I can’t tear myself away from the keyboard, and when I’m away from my computer, I scribble ideas on scraps of paper or in the Notes feature of my cell phone.

Revisions can be easy or agony, depending on the book. There’s nothing like the feeling after final edits are done and the cover is ready. But along with the satisfaction, there’s always trepidation. What mistakes did I miss? Are readers going to like it, or will they trash it? Have a dozen other authors already done a similar story, but a million times better? I’m never fully satisfied with the finished product. I send it out into the world with both pride and fear.

The greatest high of all comes when a glowing review appears. My story made someone cry or cheer. I gained a fan. I may not have written a bestseller, but the story I came up with in my head has reached somebody’s heart. That’s pretty amazing.

Do you find it harder to start or finish a book? Do revisions drive you mad? Do negative reviews crush you? What are your writing highs and lows?

My newest release is Believe In Me, book 4 in the Mus1970sCover.inddic Box Series. Now available at Amazon.

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Spring has sprung!

spring treeAt least in Northern California where I live it has. The last two weeks have been blossoms galore and the allergies to go with them, and this week we’ve moved on to bright-green leaves on all the trees. It will be in the 80s this weekend. Sometimes I feel California doesn’t do Spring or Autumn. We do hot and dry, and cold and wet for our seasons. 🙂

For those folks in the Midwest and back East, I am so sorry. It has been a tough year, but you are resilient people and you will dig out and spring will come again, just like it does every year. California’s tough time will come this summer when I fear our lawns will have to die and we will be rationing water like we did in the ’70s. I do not look forward to bricks in the toilet tank and timed showers. Those were not fun days.

The warmer weather and blooming everything has really enhanced my moods too. I feel like opening doors and windows, going for walks, and writing a new book.

What is your favorite season?

LoveintheTimeofZombies smallMy newest release, Love in the Time of Zombies is available in ebook and paperback!


Never Give Up

Some days you just want to quit. To walk away from everything, as if that would somehow solve all your problems. But most of us can’t do that, either because we’re good people who would never abandon those who love and depend on us, or because we know the problems would still be there. They might be a different set of problems, but if you’re breathing, you will have problems.

The book I just released, Rookie Justice, had me in tears at some points. I wanted to hit delete and forget it. It was never going to get finished. My muse had apparently had it with the cold weather and hitched a ride to a beach somewhere. While I was here, shivering and struggling for every single word, she was sipping a Mai Tai and digging her toes into the sand.

I tried everything. Hot baths, long naps, going to bed early because that’s always when inspiration used to strike–as soon as my head hit the pillow. Nope, didn’t work. I increased my protein, just in case my brain was starving or something. I took my vitamins and B-12 every day. But no long strings of dialogue ran through my mind, no plot twists–or even a plot–magically appeared.

I had to slog it out. Some days I was lucky if I got a page written in a 4 hour stare-at-the-screen session. Other days, Zynga games seemed a lot more appealing than my hero and heroine. But finally, somewhere around the middle of the book, ideas began to form. Just a tiny thought, or something the hubby said, or maybe it was the threat of us starving if I didn’t just finish the da*%ned book, but they were ideas, and I grabbed them and wrestled them onto the page.

I wanted to quit. I really, really did. But quitting wouldn’t make my problems go away. Another book wouldn’t be any easier. And finishing finally seemed easier than quitting.

So, I now have a new release, and I’m already at work on a new one. Or I’m at least staring at a new screen with a few pages written. 🙂

Rookie justice meme 2


It’s the sequel to Lone Star Justice.

A home-grown killer blows a small town's


Have you ever felt like giving up? Did you do it, or did you keep on and overcome the problem?

You’re all invited to join me and 12 other authors for a March Madness Book Frenzy party on Facebook this Sunday, March 15th, from 11 a.m. to midnight, EST. We’ll be giving away books and other prizes, and we’ll have a fantastic Grand Prize for a lucky winner.




Now, if Spring would hurry up and get here, I’d be a very happy camper!




Writer Problems…What’s Your Name Again?

There are a lot of issues that strike authors throughout their career. Deadlines, an over active imagination, days where a story you aren’t even working on interrupts your WIP or days when not a single person living in your head wants to come out to play. So, from writer’s block to multiple personalities – we all have issues.

Recently, I have developed a new tick, of sorts. It is a regular part of my job to create people, to decide what they look like, their mannerisms and silly quirks, and then I name them. Whatever I want to call them, so shall it be!

Thad - Teaser 1This is Thad, he is a smooth talker and a loyal friend. He has a crooked smile and what some might call a devilish grin; all held together with a heart of pure gold and a wicked sense of humor! I named him. I couldn’t imagine him with any other name.

I adore him! I better get back on topic, he is distracting to say the least. 🙂

Back to my new-found problem, a lot of times when I see someone I get an idea of what their name “should” be, you know if I was writing their life. Unfortunately, this is not always the name they actually have. When I am introduced to said person, I am now having a hard time remembering their actual name and instead want to call them the name I feel suits them best. Like the kid on my son’s baseball team who looks like a Jake to me, his name is Logan. Or the high school basketball who I call Todd, even though his name is Josh. It has gotten so bad that my son now knows who I am referring to when I use their name improperly – because it happens so often. LOL

I am not saying that I prefer my imaginary world to the real world; no, no, I would never say that. 🙂 It just seems to bleed over more and more the longer I do this and the more books and characters I have under my belt!

On the bright side it makes life interesting for me and new people I meet and gives my son one more reason to shake his head at his crazy MOM! ❤ Good thing he loves me and has a good memory for names! 😛

facebook cover photo - Weddings

Speaking of characters, Thad and the rest of his wedding crew are all on sale this month of March. Each book in the One Day at a Wedding Series is 99 cents each or you can buy the entire collection for $3.50, which also includes a BONUS STORY, When Cassie Met Thad. It’s a peek into the early days of Cassie (Book One) and Thad’s (Book Three) friendship and why their loyalty and love is so unshakeable and PLATONIC! LOL

$3.50 eBook on Amazon, Barnes&Noble,Kobo and iTunes Paperback $9.26-11.99     (Prices Vary at retailer discretion)

Signed copies are also available on my website, www.kellyraebooks.com in the shop! :O)

Bride in wedding day in lavender fieldBride in wedding day in lavender field

Thanks for stopping by today and at the very least I hope you get a good chuckle at my expense or maybe even smile knowing you do the same thing. If you have a funny quirk that you have gotten due to your work or life, tell us about it and we can all compare notes. 🙂

Wishing you well, in Fiction and real life!


Kelly Rae

A Thank You, a Promotion Plan, and Places to Promote Books

It’s sometimes easy to forget that I’m not writing just for my own guilty pleasure. By putting my writing “out there,” I’m including others—inviting others to my private party. Not acknowledging the subscribers to my newsletter and readers is sort of like inviting people to my barbecue where there’s a ton of food because I like to cook, but not hanging around to chat.

I got a new review today on Stuck With You. I’d been warned not to interact with reviewers. I was told its “off-putting” (which sounds a lot like a pudding made with sour milk.) But this reader e-mailed me to tell me she left a review, so I felt it only polite to write her back and thank her…and send her a coupon for another one of my books. Yeah, I do stuff like that. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t have paperback books—I end up giving them all away and it costs me money. But e-books are easy to share, so I love that.stuck copy

Here’s the review:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great read
Format:Kindle Edition
This was the first one of Kristy’ s books for me. It was a lighthearted, refreshing romance, and had me rooting for both Whit and Andie to find their way to each other. I highly recommend this book and would love to see it start a series.

So, to all the new subscribers, to all those who read my books and write reviews—thanks for joining me. I’m having a wonderful time and I hope you are, too. And if you like what I’m dishing up, please tell your friends. The more the merrier.

Last September, I set a goal to have something exciting happening in my writer’s world each month. Every single month I need to have something to share in my newsletter and something to promote. I use this list of promotional sites. And yes, it takes me a long time, but it’s worth it. Someday I hope to make enough that I can justify hiring a virtual assistant.

Publicity Blogs To Notify For Promos (Free, Bargain, Regular Price as well as National and International):
http://addictedtoebooks.com (day of)

Announce Your Free Book

Places To Submit Your Book For Free Promotion

For Authors


Your Two Cents Worth


Author Advertising – Paid and Free


Promote Your Books on eBooks Habit


Place Ad

http://www.amazon.com/forum/meet our authors/ref=cm_cd_tfp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx2UYC1FC06SU8S&cdThread=Tx26GH5ZWBDFOMN


Editorial Submissions


Submit Ebooks


How To Get Your E-Book Listed

http://www.pixelofink.com/sfkb/ (free)
http://www.pixelofink.com/sskb/ (bargain)
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHI3UVVZdTZkWUo3d2w3aDExbXk5MEE6MQ – gid=0
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dDZHTlg2cUlySDF3QUN6Z2RISlV1Umc6MQ – gid=0
mailto:medianlinetech@gmail.com (Kindle Fire Dept)
mailto:sw@xtme.de (Germany)

Since that decision, my sales have grown from a trickle to a nice stream. (I’m shooting for a deluge.) My books now make more in a week than I used to make in an entire year.
In September, I published Beyond the Pale, the final book in my Beyond series. I really do love this story, but I was afraid others wouldn’t “get” my ending. Fortunately, everyone who has read it tells me that they love it. It’s sort of out there. I love it, but I’m okay if it causes a lot of head scratching. So far, it’s only gotten glowing reviews. (But it only has three. If anyone wants a free read in exchange for an honest review, please let me know.)

And my novel The Rhyme’s Library, a 2013 Kindle Book Review semifinalist, was free for five days starting August 3rd. This resulted in more than 15,000 downloads and more than 100 sales of my other books. This was a turning point for me.the rhyme's library

In October, my novel Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent was published in a boxed set of YA paranormal stories. The Authors of Main Street released our bestselling Christmas on Main Street in November (it’s still available, but only for a few days.) In December, my short story Anywhere Else was included in an anthology of 101 short stories by indie authors and I published The Highwayman Incident.
highwayman 2 copy (2)

And in January, I published the novella I wrote for the Authors of Main Street spring collection, Love at the Apple Blossom Inn.apple blossum in copy 2

I dropped the price of A Ghost of a Second Chance to .99 cents in February. Since it’s the first book in my Rose Arbor series, it’s increased the sale of my other Rose Arbor books. In March, I hope to publish my novel, The Cowboy Encounter, the sequel to The Highwayman Incident. But seeing how my stepmother died and I leave for her funeral tomorrow, that release date has been pushed back. Because life and death sometimes get in the way of my writing. And that’s okay.

COWBOY 2 copy (1)

This summer, people I love got married, my twin daughters left for missions to Taiwan and Uruguay, a grandbaby was born, another was conceived after 3 failed pregnancies. I went to Asia, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and Utah. (Okay, Asia was in May, which is technically the spring, but still.)

I love that I live in this modern age of book publishing that allows me to still have the career of my dreams and have it fit in with my sometimes busy, always wonderful, amazing life. I’m so grateful–not just for the writing and publishing part, but for the readers who have come for the ride. Thank you.