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When Is Love Not Enough? by Pepper Phillips

Isn’t love grand?  That kiss that makes you forget where you are. The longing to see the person again. Thinking, thinking, thinking of them every second of the day. Wondering if they love you back? The excitement when they touch … Continue reading

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The Power of Prayer

We have often heard friends complain about a distressing event, death of a relative, sickness, loss of a job, or a monetary setback. They often end their stories with a special plea: “Pray for me.” Supportive friends send their best … Continue reading

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Actors Portraying Characters

Once I wrap my head around a storyline, actors with clear-cut personalities make their way into my head. I see characters, as I think an actor would portray them, in my story, as though a movie is playing. For my … Continue reading

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Cinderella Blue: Romance and Cops by Joan Reeves

In my new romantic comedy, Cinderella Blue, Love means never having to say, “You’re under arrest.” Joan’ s March Giveaway To be eligible to win the March Giveaway of a Swag Bag or an online gift card (gift varies based … Continue reading

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Blessings for Spring

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about blessings lately and how to write them. Blessings should come as naturally as swearing in traffic or gesturing like a mad woman at the computer when the words don’t flow and I feel … Continue reading

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Riding the Rollercoaster

Life for a writer can be a series of highs and lows. If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. One day you’re brimming with great ideas and excited about your work in progress, and the next you’re blocked, … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung!

At least in Northern California where I live it has. The last two weeks have been blossoms galore and the allergies to go with them, and this week we’ve moved on to bright-green leaves on all the trees. It will … Continue reading

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