Spring has sprung!

spring treeAt least in Northern California where I live it has. The last two weeks have been blossoms galore and the allergies to go with them, and this week we’ve moved on to bright-green leaves on all the trees. It will be in the 80s this weekend. Sometimes I feel California doesn’t do Spring or Autumn. We do hot and dry, and cold and wet for our seasons. 🙂

For those folks in the Midwest and back East, I am so sorry. It has been a tough year, but you are resilient people and you will dig out and spring will come again, just like it does every year. California’s tough time will come this summer when I fear our lawns will have to die and we will be rationing water like we did in the ’70s. I do not look forward to bricks in the toilet tank and timed showers. Those were not fun days.

The warmer weather and blooming everything has really enhanced my moods too. I feel like opening doors and windows, going for walks, and writing a new book.

What is your favorite season?

LoveintheTimeofZombies smallMy newest release, Love in the Time of Zombies is available in ebook and paperback!


9 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. We’re seeing trees and flowers budding here in the South. I don’t like the pollen, but do like what it brings. Hope you don’t have a drought this summer! Congratulations on your new book.


  2. We had so little snow this winter that fire season is a scary prospect, not even the bit of rain we have gotten the last day or so will help. So, spring is about to be sprung here in the #PNW and although, I have to admit it has been nice not to sludge through the snow, I do wish it didn’t mean we were more at risk for fires later this year. On the positive tip, I am truly looking forward to flowers and warm nights sitting on the lawn with some ice tea in my cup!


  3. Love the buds on the trees, Jill! Spring hasn’t quite sprung here in Wisconsin, but the parka is firmly packed away and we’re starting to think out planting our seeds so we have seedlings by May. Congrats on the new release! Have you seen the promo for the new zombie tv show—it has a female zombie medical examiner in it?


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