Cinderella Blue: Romance and Cops by Joan Reeves

Cinderella Blue by Joan Reeves

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In my new romantic comedy, Cinderella Blue, Love means never having to say, “You’re under arrest.”

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Wow! I finally finished this book that I began working on in 2013. No, I’m not just abysmally slow. From the time I started updating this book which had been published about ten years ago in print, these are just a few of the…

Life Events That Happened

1. Sold our house. 2. Moved all the furniture into storage. 3. Moved to our weekend house in the country for the next 6 months. 4. Bought a townhouse in Houston. 5. Began 3 week remodeling project on townhouse. 3 weeks was the contractor’s timeline. 4. 15 weeks later, the 3-week remodeling was completed. 5. Moved all furniture out of storage and into townhouse. 6. Moved back to Houston and into townhouse. 7. Unpacked, arranged stuff, moved furniture around, etc. 8. Woke up one morning and could not raise my right arm without excruciating pain. 9. Went through 6 months of physical therapy, massage, pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, and learned all kinds of painful ways to stretch the trapezius muscles in my shoulders where nerves were pinched.

Yep, Life Sucks Sometimes

Little did I know that updating this book and bringing it back to its original length which had been cut by the editor all those years ago would require the patience of Job, months of persistence, and the will power of Gandhi. This romance saw more stops and starts than a freeway gridlock.

At times, I delighted in escaping the chaos around me by entering the Fictional World where I am the Master of Space, Time, and Dimension. (Mistress just sounds kind of funny.)

I see all and know all and can solve a character’s problems before dinner each night and give them a rousing happily ever after that will make a reader smile. Ah, if life were only like that.

About Cinderella Blue

In this book, I’ve done a bit of a flip-flop with character cliches. In most stories involving a cop hero, the cop avoids commitment at all costs. In Cinderella Blue, Detective Bruce Benton, first introduced in Nobody’s Cinderella, is commitment phobic, but so is Detective Andrea Luft.

I had fun solving Andie’s problems stemming out of her emotional baggage. Cinderella Blue is on sale for only 99cents during the pre-order period. The book releases March 31 so I hope you’ll take advantage of that and buy it before the price rises to $3.99.

Excerpt, Cinderella Blue

Heat shimmered in waves above the pavement. Across the street, Bruce Benton saw a cluster of shops that created one-stop shopping for women looking to drop a few grand on a pretentious wedding. He crossed the street and headed to the flower shop. As he passed the glass storefront of a photographer’s studio, he saw a woman inside. A nano second later, he stopped abruptly. The heat must be frying his brain. He retraced his steps, casually glancing in again. The woman wore a wedding dress, but instead of a bridal bouquet, she held a handgun.

Bruce drew his Glock and eased the door open. A bell over the door jingled. He cringed as he slipped inside. Maybe she was deaf. The woman whirled. Nope. Not deaf. She held her gun in the same shooter’s stance as he. “Take it easy, lady. Maybe the photographer took some lousy pictures of you. That’s no reason to shoot him.”

“That’s funny.” The blonde suddenly grinned, but her gun never wavered. “You’re cute. Anyone ever tell you that you look kind of like Karl Urban?”

“Let’s not talk about some Aussie actor. Let’s talk about you. Why would a sweet thing like you have a gun?”

“Sweet thing?” Irritation replaced her grin. “Lower your gun. Lay it on the floor.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see I’m a–”

Everything happened at once. A man rushed from behind her, slammed into her, and sent her flying into Bruce. They went down in a tangle of arms, legs, and miles of white satin. She came up snarling.

Bruce leaped up, gun in hand. “Freeze!”

He grinned and pulled out his handcuffs. “I always wanted to say that. Just like a TV cop. You lost your gun, sweet thing.”

He stepped toward her. With a snarl, she whirled. He saw a white blur and felt agony in his hand. A roundhouse kick to his solar plexus cut off his gasp of pain. He hit the floor. Wheezing, he tried to rise, but the blonde stood over him with her gun–and his–pointed at him.

She smiled. “Uh uh, sweet thing. You stay right where you are.”

Bruce groaned. Not from pain so much as humiliation. Crap. He’d never live this down.

Book Details

Available for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Only 99cents during this pre-order period. Prices rises to $3.99 on April 13.

(Joan Reeves writes Sassy, Sexy Contemporary Romance. Her books are available at all major ebook sellers with audio editions available at Amazon,, and iTunes. Joan publishes Writing Hacks, a free newsletter for writers, and WordPlay, a free newsletter for readers. Find Joan online: Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Joan lives her happily ever after with her hero, and she encourages you to believe that: It’s never too late to live happily ever after!)


About Joan Reeves

Joan Reeves is a NY Times and a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance. She lives her happily-ever-after with her hero, her husband, in the Lone Star State. Sign up for Joan's mailing list: and visit her at and her blog
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8 Responses to Cinderella Blue: Romance and Cops by Joan Reeves

  1. stephaniequeen says:

    Love the line “for women looking to drop a few grand on a pretentious wedding” – sets the stage perfectly for what sounds like a fun book!
    Congrats on finishing your book and finally re-releasing it, Joan!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. susanrhughes says:

    The cover is eye-catching!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    Joan, I hope the sales for Cinderella Blue outshine your every hope after all you’ve experienced through the updating process. The cover is gorgeous and the excerpt is wonderful! Getting mine before the price jump 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Carol says:

    Congrats on finishing your book, Joan! Beautiful cover and I can’t wait to read your newest.

    Liked by 1 person

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