Actors Portraying Characters

Once I wrap my head around a storyline, actors with clear-cut personalities make their way into my head. I see characters, as I think an actor would portray them, in my story, as though a movie is playing. For my book A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Sandra Bullock represented the main character, Tina. I envisioned Sandra as Tina in every scene I wrote. Sandra Bullock, most of the time, plays spirited, and infectious characters, so does Tina capture the same traits in A Smoky Mountain Christmas.


I’m excited my book, Perfect Match, is in our upcoming Boxed Set, Love Blooms on Main Street, release date April 30, 2015.

Perfect Match: The flower Forget-Me-Not symbolize true love and remembrance. Cali finds love again with Trace. In the midst of mistrust and a triangle with Trace’s deceased wife, Cali refuses to play second-fiddle to a ghost. Can they earn a second chance at love?

PM Cover

These are the actors that played in my mind while writing Perfect Match.

Cali Weston, heroine: Meg Ryan

Trace Robbins, hero: Greg Kinnear

Dylan Robbins, young boy: Connor Corum

Burt Hall, Cali’s old friend: Robert Duvall

Faye Ragland, meddlesome sister to Helen: Shirley MacLaine

Helen Ragland, meddlesome sister to Faye: Betty White

Tim Stone, the lawyer: Tom Skerritt

Sarah, the housekeeper: Olympia Dukakis

Sheriff Lang: Jeff Bridges

Stephen Moran-art dealer & villain: Matthew McConaughey

I enjoyed writing this book while the characters dealt with forgiveness and the loss of a loved one. All of us deal with these issues our own way. This is Cali and Trace’s journey toward progression in their particular difficulties.

Do you envision actors as your characters while you read or write?

Check back often for updates on our newest Boxed Set, Love Blooms on Main Street.

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11 thoughts on “Actors Portraying Characters

  1. I have no clue who would play the parts for most of what I write. But I’m not much of a TV watcher or a movie goer so I don’t know most of the actors and actresses under the age of 40. I’ll look at a pic and wonder who she is. Say names and they mean nothing.

    But I know so many writers who use that Hollywood technique, or will search the web or magazines to find their characters, and then they put them above their computer or someplace where they see them everyday until the book is finished.

    I just visualize my characters. I see them. I see my heroes wrists and nails – I see everything about them. I know I’m weird.

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    • I visualize the characters fully before thinking of an actor. They pop into my head, especially Tina who reminds me of Sandra Bullock. I just thought it would be fun to put an actor to my characters. Pretty good to use a certain actor and a role he/she played for a character. Keeps me motivated. 🙂

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