Excitement on Main Street & Stages of Life

Excitement is building once again on Main Street because we’re getting ready to bring another boxed set to you.  My third wedding vow book will be in there, and this one is a little different. Maybe because the characters are different. I happen to think that is a good thing. This book would be boring if Melissa was a clone of her sister. Why? Because you know that story.wv3 500x800

I don’t want to give anything away, but Drexel, the hero in To Have & To Hold is dealing with plenty. Most people don’t face being the parent to a parent until they reach middle age, but there are tons of younger people who are forced into the role  for various reasons. And Drexel was one of the lucky ones who had the resources to provide so much.

April 1 would have been my mother’s birthday. The seventh would have been my aunt’s, and the tenth would have been my mother-in-laws’. The fifteenth is my niece’s, and my granddaughter’s birthday is the eighteenth. It’s a big birthday month! But with it comes memories. As a young woman with small children I faced my mother’s death and cared for her. I was sandwiched with small children and a mother who no longer knew who I was.

So I knew, first hand, what Drexel was going through and I understood how he coped. Now that I’m older, I’ve watched friends, and even friends on Main Street, who have had to deal with the slippery downhill slide of a parent. Being wealthy does not protect anyone from such things. Physically it can be easier because they can afford help, but the emotional aspect of losing a parent… There is nothing to protect anyone from those feelings. And in the normal course of things most people will face it at some time in their life.

I love bringing such things into my writing. I think we all identify with characters who face the normal stages of life. In the past few years, I’ve watched several friends cope with losing their husbands. But not everyone does it in sync.

Husbands aren’t supposed to die at the age of 25, 30 , 40 , 50 or even 60. But they do. We don’t want to let go of Momma. And we never want to bury our children or grandchildren, because that is totally out of the natural order of things.

But life tosses all of us curve balls and how everyone handles them is different. When my mother took her last breath, it was relief. It was over. That’s not saying I didn’t miss her because I did! When my husband died, I fell into a depression that didn’t want to go away. I’d lost my best friend,  and the emptiness I felt was beyond words.

But life is life and we all face it. Maybe that is why we love reading AMAabout young lives and falling in love. But even young people who are in love can also be facing the death of those that they love. When I wrote Ask Me Again, it was about a young man who came home to help his mom and his dying father. In the middle of that emotional upheaval, he finds love with an old schoolmate. How can anything so wonderful happen when it seems as though everything else is so wrong?

Maybe love doesn’t have a schedule that can pinpointed. It just happens, and often when people least expect it. And maybe that’s why it fascinates us so much.

I totally believe in finding that true love. That one person who is so special. We all know about pheromones, and all those physical things but what makes two people connect?  Personally, I think it’s magical. If the stars must align just the right way – I don’t care. I’ll stick with my theory of magic, because that they way it feels.  A tossing of pixie dust makes our hearts fly and makes us twitterpated. It’s the most glorious feeling in the whole world.

Everyone wants to feel that magic and books have a way of creating that feeling over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you are fourteen or eighty-four, the pixie dust of love is very compelling. We all want those arms around us. We want to have someone to hold us and love us.

So as Spring is springing in North America,  you’ll find Love Blooms on Main Street, our boxed set, filled with all the magic of love. It should be available by the fifteenth of the month for pre-order everywhere, and it will release April 28, 2015.  There will be ten great books filled with love, by your favorite authors on Main Street!

I’ve been sneaking peeks at the various books and I know you’re going to love this boxed set!

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12 Responses to Excitement on Main Street & Stages of Life

  1. Reblogged this on Kelly Rae & Jocelyn Bell Books and commented:
    I can’t wait for the release of our new set! So, excited to be able to give our readers another chance at a great deal, some wonderful stories and I have the chance to write books with my friends! Life is good!

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  2. I can’t wait for the release of our new set, as well! So, excited to be able to give our readers another chance at a great deal, some wonderful stories and I have the chance to write books with my friends! Life is good!

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  3. Carol says:

    Our newest boxed set is due to release soon and I can’t wait for it! I’m excited to be among nine other writers to bring great stories once again to our readers. E. I think your book will bring a ton of emotion to our readers. Great post!

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Carol. Drexel has had a lot to handle in his role of adult. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that everyone enjoys this non-stop, roller coaster ride filled with all sorts of twists and turns through the tunnel of love. 🙂

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  4. Looking forward to the set. I am glad that you addressed an issue facing too many people today. Although the causes may vary so the path is different, the difficulties and pain remain the same. I love Melissa’s family!

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  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    E., tackling such meaty and important issues makes for such textured reading. I can’t wait to read your newest wedding story and all the novellas in Love Blooms on Main Street. I’m excited to be a part of it!

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Leigh. There are so many life issues that we all face at some point. But we all handle them differently for various reasons.

      The various voices on Main Street make for wonderful reading as everyone brings something different to our boxes. I looking forward to reading everyone’s stories, too!

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  6. Joan Reeves says:

    Lovely post, E. I too believe in true love. Maybe all of us who write romance do. *g*


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