Love Is Magic by Pepper Phillips

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Remember when you first fell in love?

I do. It was at a USO show at Camp Pendleton in California. My first appearance as a dancer, wearing black fishnet stockings and a white sweater, I danced before the Marines. While there was talking during the other acts, when I came on there was complete silence in the audience.

Finishing my act, I took a bow and the room exploded in applause. Afterwards, there was a dance with the entertainers and Marines.

I’d never felt so popular. I was tall, not quite six feet and hadn’t had my first date yet at seventeen. Yes, I was definitely a late bloomer. I was twirled around, had a fellow or two dance way too close for comfort, had my toes stepped on, etc., until finally there was a slow dance and one Marine stood out when he asked me to dance.

There are some memories that stay in your mind forever, and this is one of them. He smelled clean…wore a white dress shirt with a gray sweater. He wasn’t a good dancer, but for some reason it didn’t matter.

That was the beginning. Decades later, we’re still married and I can remember that night. It was magic.

Falling in love is magic when you think about it. Two people who manage to find each other among all the people in the world…

In Love Blooms on Main Street, my story isn’t about a young couple but an older couple who weren’t expecting to fall in love at their age.

This is your chance to buy ten stories for less than a dollar.

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3 thoughts on “Love Is Magic by Pepper Phillips

  1. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories, Pepper. Those good ole boys win every time! Awesome the crowd hushed when you stepped on stage. That’s magic. I’d have loved to be there.


  2. Oh, Pepper, that is such a great story! There’s something wonderful about finding that Prince Charming. May you both have many more wonderful years together!


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