Since Love is in the Air

wv3 500x800To Have & To Hold is part of our wonderful boxed set Love Blooms on Main Street and it’s about to be put with the first two books in my Wedding Vow series and released in paper and in large print. That’s pretty exciting to me! I think I’ve talked about the fact that I have a manager for my books. This is a little different from having an agent. A manager takes indie books and manages them. Oh, I still must do some things, but my manager is handling things that leave me clueless. One of the biggest hurdles for indie authors is brick and mortar bookstores.  You know those ones that used to be rather common but now aren’t. Often they are the kind of place that knows you and what you love to read. Now it is possible for me to get my books into those stores. I’m crossing my fingers that the local bookstore near me in Norfolk, VA, decides to carry my books. Yes, fingers and toes crossed! WITH THIS RING coverWith This Ring was the start of my Wedding Vow series. It’s the story of Cody Julia&Aaron 250x400Montgomery and DeeDee, who owns the bridal design and shop on Main Street. I Thee Wed is Cody’s oldest daughter, Julia, and the love of her life, Aaron. (That book was in Weddings on Main Street , Summer 2014 boxed set.) Melissa is the quieter of the two oldest sisters. She was the more studious one, etc. So finding Drexel was sheer happenstance, but Drexel has a ton of stuff on his plate and getting involved with a young woman… She thinks he’s the gardener. He thinks she’s just a local hometown gal.  Oh, what a mess! I’ve enjoyed writing my Wedding Vow series. Somehow I see some of my childhood friends in those characters. I’ve borrowed some personalities from them. But honestly, I lost track of those friends. I have no idea what happened to them. There was no Internet or email back then! So I lost touch. There were those old fashioned things called letters. But my life had wandered down a different path. Their letters were filled with wonderful and important things and my life consisted of diapers (the kind you had to wash!). They went to Paris. I went to the grocery store. They went to the Cannes film festival. I had a TV with bunny ears. They went to Switzerland for board meetings and I went to PTA meetings. My life seemed so dull and boring compared to theirs.  Then we moved and my precious little address book, which I had carried since I was probably eight, vanished in the move.  I lost track of them. Unfortunately my very best friend was selling her family’s home and moving at the same time. We’ve never found each other. With those so-called realty TV shows that make the general public think that the wealthy live a wild life, I prefer to sit back and laugh. Most of us were raised in modest homes tucked in small towns. We learned to say please and thank you and treat everyone with respect. Poor behavior was not tolerated.  We were also expected to do something with our lives. The Montgomery family in the Wedding Vow series is extremely realistic. They weren’t based on any particular family. Instead, I used the values and snatches of life from so many truly old-money families and created a fictitious but very realistic family. That also means I’ve been to those fairytale weddings. And maybe one day I’ll write the story of my girlfriend’s parents who met at such a wedding, because it’s the most romantic story of true love I’ve ever heard. But until then, you can enjoy these three wedding stories. So grab your copy of Love Blooms on Main Street and enjoy the story of Melissa and Drexel. (And don’t you just love the name Drexel? I know a Drexel. He’s a friend of a friend. A lovely, older gentleman who oozes class and sexuality that is rarely seen today. The kind of man who is at home in the boardroom as he is on his yacht or in the backyard grilling hamburgers. I just knew I’d use his name one day.) Love Blooms_Final_03-20-2015_ 2500Isn’t that a pretty cover? Can’t you just smell that lavender? It makes me want to plant my flowerbeds in lavender – if only it would grow for me! My soil is actually a little too nice for it. Lavender wants drier and sandier soil than what I have. I did try. I got a bag of sand for each plant that I had bought.  They still didn’t make it.  😦

What shows through in your writing? Is your past tucked in there?

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10 Responses to Since Love is in the Air

  1. MRS N, the Author says:

    I love that name Drexel! It’s funny you should ask about a part of family history hidden in my writing. I did that with my debut novel. Not only is my love story woven in but my father’s story too. I thrive on real life experiences and it gives me plenty to write about. 🙂

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Real life creeps into everything I write. Why not? So much is universal and people identify with those things. I’ve never attempted to write my own love story into a novel. No one would ever believe it.

      May the “Light” that you two share continue to burn very brightly and be a beacon for your readers. Because true love is a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for stopping by NN!

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      • MRS N, the Author says:

        Thank you for your kind comments, E. 🙂 It means a lot to me! As for sharing your love story, I say why not write it down? When I tell the story of how I met and married MR N, people are awed and inspired. Your story could inspire people too. Like you said, true love is a wonderful thing! 😀


        • E. Ayers says:

          I think I sneak a little piece of my hubby into everything I write. But our courtship was rather quick. I knew each other for less than 5 weeks when we married. I was still 17 when I met him. Less than three weeks later, we’d made the decision to marry. On my 18th birthday (a Tuesday) we obtained our marriage license and were married that Saturday. He was the poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He cost me my inheritance. My father disowned me. My friends gasped! That’s okay, we had each other and we survived against the odds. 🙂

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          • MRS N, the Author says:

            Well, that certainly sounds like a best-seller to me, complete with a Hollywood ending! 😉

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            • E. Ayers says:

              Seriously, no one would believe it. Mothers would cringe. Fathers would rant. People don’t do such radical things. And I don’t suggest it. But when the right guy comes along…

              BTW, I know another author who actually beat me to the vows – Cathy Maxwell. Unsure of the length of her courtship, it might have been 3 weeks. She’s still happily married to her Prince Charming.

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  2. susanrhughes says:

    Those covers look very nice shown together as a group.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Susan. I just saw the bind-up cover for print for the three Wedding Vow books! OMG! It’s beautiful! It’s not finalized so I can’t release it, but I’m thrilled! I’ll post it on my blog as soon as it is ready!

      I really had so much fun writing those stories and it’s because of the AoMS that I even wrote them!

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  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    E., everyone of your covers is gorgeous. What a wonderful way to bundle them for a summer filled with HEA wedding stories. Congratulations!

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