Proud to be a Texan

This has been a very busy month so far, as have the last few months. I’m having a hard time keeping up with my blogging obligations, and ended up dropping one. And I almost forgot this one. Besides having family here, we’ve been hard hit with weather in the Dallas and East Texas areas.

I live in Tornado Alley, and this Spring things have been especially active. We’ve had rain nearly every day since the first of January. At the beginning of the year, we were in a serious drought. Today, some of our lakes are so full they’re having to release water to prevent flooding. (And we’re still flooded in some areas) That’s a big turnaround in only 4 1/2 months! Unfortunately, along with the rain, we often get lots of lightning, hail, high winds, and tornadoes.

Last Sunday (Mother’s Day) was a very rough day. Big storms all day long, lots of tornado warnings, and a few tornadoes touched down. I spent most of the day worried about my oldest daughter and her boys, as they were in one of the hardest hit areas. I stayed glued to the weather reports. By Sunday night, my home was in the bulls eye.

We were lucky. The storm split, with part going a bit west of us and the other part going a bit east of us. We got heavy rain and lightning, but that’s all. Just a couple of towns east, they weren’t so lucky. Tornadoes destroyed about 30% of the town of Van in Van Zandt County, TX. Two people were killed (a retired police officer and his wife), and more than two dozen seriously injured, some critically. The elementary and middle schools were so severely damaged that school has been cancelled for the remainder of the school year.

You can see video of the damage, courtesy of KLTV Channel 7

But Texans don’t go down without a fight. The outpouring of support has been amazing. They’ve had so much water and clothing donated that they’ve had to stop taking any more. There are volunteer sign up lists with huge numbers of people joining up, people offering everything from storage buildings to equipment to free meals, rescues gathering up loose pets to hold and get veterinary care for until their owners are able to reclaim them, and churches throwing their doors open wide to take in the displaced, feeding and clothing them and helping them get the services they need.

Yep, I’m proud to be a Texan. We might live in a dangerous spot, weather-wise, but we take care of our own.

Do you have a disaster plan in place? What would you do if something happened and you lost everything? It can happen without warning. Whether from a tornado, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, a disaster plan can help you stay alive. Did you know wearing a helmet during a tornado or hurricane could save your life? (A lot of people die of head injuries from flying or falling debris) Do you have extra water and canned food on hand for you and your pets? Do you have working flashlights or lanterns? Where would you and your family meet up if you got separated?

It’s important to have a plan, and to practice with your kids. It could save a life.

Come join me and author Jessie Evans this Friday from two to five Central time for a Facebook party celebrating small town Texas and Texas cowboys! We’ll be having contests and giving away prizes.

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About Tori Scott

Author, former Golden Heart finalist, published by Red Sage, in Woman's World, and selected news media. I live near Dallas Texas and write sexy romantic comedy, contemporary small-town romance, and romantic suspense.
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9 Responses to Proud to be a Texan

  1. susanrhughes says:

    How sad that people lost their lives. Thanks for the reminder that we should all be prepared for emergenies, no matter where we live.

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    • Tori Scott says:

      With kids, Susan, it’s especially important to be prepared. What would you do if you were trapped or cut off from the outside for a week or more? There’s a gated community out here that lost the only road in and out. Those people had to wait nearly a week for a new road to be cut through to them. Hopefully those with extra food, diapers, medicine, etc. shared with those who didn’t.

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  2. leighmorgan1 says:

    Very scary, Tori. I hope your area doesn’t see that kind of damage again anytime soon. Thanks for the reminder that disasters can strike anytime and planning for them is necessary. Congratulations on your new release!

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  3. E. Ayers says:

    Never heard about the helmet thing, but it makes perfect sense! I guess you could say I have a loose plan. But there are plenty of extra supplies. Hurricanes that threaten us in SE Virginia keep us aware of our options and force us to keep water, batteries, etc on hand. I even have a flashlight that doesn’t require batteries, just shake and go. It’s not as bright or wonderful as our newer flashlights. but it works!

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    • Tori Scott says:

      I bought an LED lantern at Costco two years ago that’s bright enough to light a small room. Still haven’t had to replace the batteries in it yet. It comes in handy when the power goes out.

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  4. We tend to prepare for hurricane season, then we let things slide. Since we have pets, we really need to be prepared. A few years before we moved back here, Rockport lost electricity and phone service for both landlines and cells for about a week and the roads were so flooded that there was no access from out of town. We really need to prepare for a week with no electricity, water, or access to food. Thanks for the reminder. Also had not heard the helmet suggestion before. I know we have one old football helmet; do we flip for it? lol

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    • Tori Scott says:

      Jeanie, I’ve found storing canned dog food is easiest. Just get a few extra cans and stick them in with the canned food you have for yourself. Of course, if the power goes out, you can feed the dog some of that meat in the freezer that’s going to go bad. Water is critical, though. I buy 24 packs of bottled water, plus we keep several gallon jugs on hand, too. We have Mason jars of beans, rice, lentils, etc. As for helmets, check garage sales for bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, hart hats. They’re usually cheap. Since hubby has a motorcycle, we have helmets. I just can’t convince him to put one on. Maybe if the house was crashing around him, he would.

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  5. Carol says:

    Tori, what harrowing experiences you and everyone have gone through. I’m glad you escaped the worst of the storms. Stay safe! Congratulations on the new release.


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