Rain, Rain, Go Away by Pepper Phillips

2015-04-16 04.01.12This is my back yard.

We’ve had so much rain last month and this month, with a week of rain ahead of us.  If you look at the photo, beyond the big tree in the center is a road that runs along the side of our property.  Needless to say, it’s flooded.

We have another road in the front of the house that is much higher and thankfully, doesn’t flood.  If it ever does, I’ll have several feet of water in my house.

We’re close to the Red River which hasn’t finished reaching it’s ‘high’ level…yet.

My daughter and her hubby have a hunting camp on a lake, the threat of water is very real right now.

I’ve seen the pictures of homes and cars floating by and know that some people have lost everything.  Worse still is the lives lost.

A daughter calls her father, begging for help…and it’s the last he’s heard from her.

So I say a prayer that everyone be safe…

Have a family emergency plan.  Google the internet and see what different people are doing.  Make copies of important papers and store them in a cloud or email them to yourself where you can retrieve them if necessary.  There are a lot of things you can do before tragedy strikes.  Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your emergency plan, but if something happens, you’ll be so glad that you’ve prepared for the worse.

In our area there is flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, just to mention a few.  Then there are house fires, burgularies, and other mayhem that can interfer with your daily life.

As I tell my husband whenever he leaves the house, “Be safe.”




About Pepper Phillips

Writer of Sassy Southern Romance Novels
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10 Responses to Rain, Rain, Go Away by Pepper Phillips

  1. del227 says:

    So sad watching the news this last week. Prayers for those who continue to be in this situation!

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  2. susanrhughes says:

    You be safe, Pepper!

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  3. Tori Scott says:

    Same thing here. I drove into town yesterday and saw that our road had apparently had a flash flood where the bridge goes over a creek. Lots of debris, flattened grass, tree trunks strewn about. Our yard is a muddy mess, but the past two days of sunshine have helped most of the water to recede except for one spot. The dog is outside enjoying the weather for the first time in a month. Don’t even want to think about going into Dallas where roads and highways are underwater.

    Stay safe and watch out for snakes!

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  4. The thing about floods, it can hit any area! We’re safe for now, thank heavens.

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Pepper, this is so scary. Seeing your photos and reading your post jars me into the reality that nature is not something any of us can control. Emergency plans are a must. Stay safe. I hope you and your family—and Tori’s—have seen the worst of this flood and that sunshine and safety come your way soon.

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  5. Carol says:

    That’s scary, Pepper. I’m glad the rain has subsided some and hoping your area doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Yes, I always tell my son, be safe when he leaves. Be safe!

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  6. What a wild bout of weather we have all been having from sea to shining sea. some too much and some too little. It’s scary either way, we were expecting a severe fire season due to the lack of snow this winter and rain this spring, but over the last week we have been hit with a nice amount of rain. It’s the only thing washing the pollen away from the house, cars, etc at this point. Wishing you and yours continued safe times through this rainy spring!


  7. Joan Reeves says:

    I’m catching up on my blog reading. Very good advice, Pepper. Every family needs an emergency plan.


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