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What is Summertime for you?

Although summer vacation started three weeks ago, my vacation hasn’t started yet! On the contrary, I am busier than ever driving the grandchildren to camp, gym, swimming pool, and others. The only thing that makes me feel summer is really … Continue reading

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Lighthouses have always held a tremendous fascination for me. Mystery and beauty surround the age-old structures. Is it any wonder my next novel includes a lighthouse? LOVING LEXI is due for release Summer of 2015. LOVING LEXI is set on the … Continue reading

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Summertime Reflection by Joan Reeves

I love that old song “Summertime?” Maybe it’s just me, but it’s like the summertime I lived as a child. Fish jumped. The cotton was high. The heat was a palpable thing because no one had air conditioning back then. … Continue reading

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Ah, summer at last!

Although summer doesn’t “officially” start until the June 21st solstice, it’s officially in full swing here. The kids are out of school and the Scottish Highland season has begun; which for our family is time to celebrate our heritage and … Continue reading

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What Makes a Hero?

There’s a theory that when a little girl grows up she seeks out a mate with similar traits to her father. In my case, I think it’s somewhat accurate. Similarly, the heroes in my novels have elements of my very … Continue reading

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Books as Therapy

I’ve always known that a good book can take you away from your problems, at least for a little while. Apparently, science agrees: via GalleyCat     Bibliotherapy could help with stress Do you read to take you away from it all … Continue reading

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Why I’m Grateful my Parents Made me do Chores

(I never thought I would write this.) A few years ago while I was helping my sister-in-law prepare a Thanksgiving feast for a crowd of family and friends, we stood at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes. She pointed out that … Continue reading

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