Leave Time for Joy by Joan Reeves

Cover of Heat Lightning by Joan ReevesI couldn’t decide between blogging about all the organizing and clutter elimination I’ve been doing or talk about this lazy summer that I’m enjoying. Perhaps I can do both.

By the way, since I have a new release coming out July 21, I had to show the cover here, but this post is not about my romantic suspense novella, it’s about. . .

Getting Organized

We’ve had so much going on this year that a lot of things just fell through the cracks. All these onerous tasks wouldn’t have taken much time if I’d done them when they needed doing. Now, it’s like climbing a mountain to take care of all these things from filing to finishing the print editions of my books.

Throw in updating copyright and ISBN files, publishing my subscription newsletters, updating various websites, and I am underwhelmed at the prospect of tackling these overwhelming tasks.


I decided I needed a refresher course in avoiding procrastination and managing my time and focus better, and I needed it now, not on New Year’s Eve when I make new resolutions. {LOL}

I pulled my copy of Time Management for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Strategies for Stopping Procrastination, Getting Control of the Clock and Calendar, and Freeing Up Your Time and Your Life by Lee Silber from my bookshelf.

I read this book several years ago when it first came out. In 2010, it was released again so it’s available to buy if you haven’t got a copy.

One of the quotes in the book stuck with me: “Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous. That has more effect of an economic well-being than any other single factor.” ~ Paul Hawken

This goes against all the “work hard, put in more hours, keep your nose to the grindstone” philosophy by which too many of us live.

Organizing and Finding Joy

So that’s what I’m doing, organizing, cleaning out clutter, doing all the necessary evil that an administrative assistant would do for me if I were rich lucky enough to have one. Most importantly though, I’m taking time every day to find the joy in the day whether it’s walking to the lake and watching the ducks or sewing that sundress I cut out last year or putting the top down on the car while I drive to the grocery store.


What do you do each day that makes you happy? Leave a comment with your email address written out and be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of Heat Lightning: Romantic Suspense Novella (Outlaw Ridge, Texas Book 1).

Post Script

NY Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Joan Reeves lives her happily ever after with her husband in the Lone Star State. Her books, available as ebooks and audiobooks, all have the underlying theme that is her motto: “It’s never too late to live happily ever after.” Readers, sign up for Joan’s email list. Writers, sign up for free newsletter, Writing Hacks. Find Joan at SlingWords, her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

47 thoughts on “Leave Time for Joy by Joan Reeves

  1. My big guilty pleasure is Starbucks with my friends. While they indulge in triple mocha raspberry frappes, I drink my plain little cup of coffee, and with my gold card, I get free refills! It forces me out of the house. Forces me to take a shower, fix my hair, and act like I’m still part of the human race. It’s also a great place to people watch. And oh, do I love doing that. But there’s something very special about being with friends, especially author friends. They understand plot points and emotion. They completely get me when I’m discussing a character and they will read a passage when I’m unsure.

    No matter what, I try to get out for coffee with my friends. Gone are the days when we used to put our children on the bus and gather at each others houses for morning coffee. In some ways, this is the same, but the time and location has changed. I happen to think that friends are very important in our lives. They help to keep us balanced. We don’t want to be just an author, or a wife, or a mother, or a paycheck! We want to be recognized as a human by humans who understand and appreciate us.

    My name at ayersbooks dot com

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    • And when you are done organizing your house, I have this big house that really needs it! LOL The bedroom with the fireplace is occupied, but I have this pretty little yellow one that is adorable with a real rope bed etc. I promise I can cook and the seafood is awesome in Tidewater, Virginia!

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      • What a lovely invitation. Thank you. BUT I’m done with big houses. We have a manageable size townhouse and a small country house. So much easier to tackle. My problem here is that we were moving in as it was being remodeled so things just got shoved into the closets and cupboards. Now, a year and a half later, I’m doing what should have been done then. *LOL*

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        • Oh, E., I forgot to say that I too have a lovely guestroom. Just redecorated it in soothing shades of warm taupe and gray. Guest bath right across the hall from it. If you ever take that trip to Texas you’ve mentioned, you have an invitation to stay with me. That goes for any of you AMS girls!


          • One day I will take you up on that offer! I even have my cowgirl hat. It doesn’t look too bad with my Birkenstock’s, fisherman’s sweater, and aviator sunglasses. I’m just an all-American woman. I just haven’t figured out how to wear the hat while I’m driving. That brim hits the head restraint 🙂

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  2. I don’t need to win a copy of your book because I already pre-ordered it and can’t wait to read it! Yes, it is so important to stop and smell the roses. I have been watching the very addictive Once Upon a Time on Netflix to unwind before bed. Even though I could make better use of that time, I need down time after a full day of go-go-go.

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    • Love that show, Susan. I like watching TV—especially well written creative TV—before bed. It helps me fall asleep. Without the commercials it’s almost as good as having someone read me to sleep. 🙂

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    • Ah, Susan, thanks so much! I’m a Once Upon a Time too. I’ve gone through season 1 & 2. Hey, all the research studies say you shouldn’t be on a computer 2 hours prior to bedtime. So relaxing with a little TV may be a great thing to do. I’m like that too. Must unwind and try to calm my always-alert brain before I can sleep.


  3. Joan, I like coffee with friends, like E. and, like Susan, I like falling asleep to really good TV, especially when I’m so tired my whole body, not just my legs, has restless syndrome. But my biggest joy is attending as many festivals as I can with my family during our summer season. We have many to choose from here in southeastern Wisconsin. I love the beat and the hum they add to our lives and the people watching is phenomenal. That definitely brings joy.

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  4. Alas, most of my coffee klatch friends have either moved away or passed away. I find joy sharing dinner or whatever with my son and his family. We’re soon going to a family reunion and that will be a joyous time for all of us. One thing about organizing and cleaning out clutter. After it’s finished, the joy of taking time to get it done is huge! Which reminds me, I have a lot of clutter to rid my house of.

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  5. My favorite thing to do is reading and writing. So sometimes I do spend too much time on the computer because I do love the writing part of this job. My guilty pleasure is binge-watching a tv series in between books. I get some amazing ideas for new books. Shows on SyFy are just for pleasure. Who would have thought Sharknado would be a hit?!!!!

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  6. Hi Joan, before I answer your question, I have to tell you how much I love Lee Silber’s book. I met him at a book signing over 12 years ago and he was so kind to me. I told him how I wanted to be a writer and an author. He gave me sound advice that I remember to this day. He signed my book and this is the inscription:

    “Here’s to your success as a writer and an artist. You can do it. Lee Silber”

    This book really changed my perspective on how to be a successful artist. I love it and re-read it at least once a year.

    Okay, what brings me joy?

    So many things but here are a few:

    – morning walks
    – sleeping in on the weekends with my husband and then sitting in bed watching television
    – chocolate
    – listening to music
    – watching movies with my husband
    – sitting out on our solarium holding hands with my hubby and watching the trains go by


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    • What a lovely inscription. Most authors I’ve met through the years–from the most famous to the least famous–have all been gracious. I like your list because those are my favorites too but exchange sitting on the porch and holding hands with my hubby and watching the stars come out. The sky just seems bigger in the country, and nights are beautiful.

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      • I couldn’t agree more. I was a manager for a bookstore years ago and met many authors. They were so encouraging and I’ve never forgotten their advice. Oooh, I love being out in the country. I agree, the stars and the moon look bigger and more beautiful out in the country. When we win the lottery, we plan on moving to the country. 🙂

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