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Cajun Men Cook by Pepper Phillips

In Lousiana, the men like to cook. They enjoy it. They call their male friends and they get together for a ‘supper’.  Wives and girlfriends are not invited. I for one, enjoy it. Because I can eat a breakfast for … Continue reading

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Staying positive is half the battle. Many issues are overcome when you kick negativity to the side, or better yet, behind. Way behind. Yes, Get Thee Behind Me Negativity. We all have negative thoughts, I certainly do. But, I don’t … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name Anyway? By Stephanie Queen

Myren, my chauffeur, will tell you names aren’t important, but I disagree (he isn’t particularly fond of his name, so it’s a sour grapes thing with him and probably why he goes by some other crazy nickname which I can’t … Continue reading

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10 Rainy Day Pleasures by Joan Reeves

August has been hotter than usual here on the Texas Gulf Coast with many triple-digit temperature days. Many counties in Texas are now in drought conditions again and burn bans abound. So it was with surprise and anticipation when we … Continue reading

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Scotland 2015

I’m typing this blog from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. As I’m looking at my computer screen, it’s 2:23a.m. back home, and undoubtedly fifteen to twenty degrees warmer. Right now, I’m not missing that heat at all. The first … Continue reading

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My Summer Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago, our family of five embarked on a road trip from our home in Ottawa to the east coast of Canada (the map at the bottom shows our approximate route). It was our first long-distance trip … Continue reading

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Getting In The Mood – Jill James

How do you get in the mood to write a Christmas novella in the middle of August? In my case it takes apple cinnamon air freshener, Celtic Christmas on the Pandora radio, and lots of imagining snowy winter days in … Continue reading

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