Cajun Men Cook by Pepper Phillips

In Lousiana, the men like to cook. They enjoy it. They call their male friends and they get together for a ‘supper’.  Wives and girlfriends are not invited.

I for one, enjoy it. Because I can eat a breakfast for dinner, or whatever else I want. Normally, the husband doesn’t consider breakfast a proper dinner menu so I never fix it. I tried it when we were first married, but not when he let me know that it wasn’t ‘proper’ in his mind. It’s a small thing and not worth arguing about.

So, he’s invited to a ‘supper’ several times a month with different friends of his. It’s their chance to socialize, drink beer and generally harass each other.

What do they eat? Usually it’s game of some sort. A duck gumbo, an eutouffe, fried frog legs, well, most anything fried could be on the menu.  My hubby likes to fix Pork and Turnip Stew. I personally don’t like it, so if he fixes it somewhere else, it’s fine with me!  LOL

Every man who cooks knows how to make a roux and they do it in a cast iron skillet. From scratch. They do have an easy way to make a roux, and some men will use that method. Here’s the directions/recipe for roux.

Dutch Oven

A lot of men collect cast iron cookware, from skillets to huge Dutch ovens. They like to keep the pans ‘seasoned’ and are very careful with cleaning them. You don’t want rust to form on your cast iron cookware. We have several, including a griddle and a cornbread one that looks like ears of corn. A lot of people will use a plain skillet to cook their cornbread. One good thing about using cast iron, is that it will add iron to your system which you need. Plus, with the proper care they will last you a lifetime.

cornbread pan

There is a cookbook called, “Cajun Men Cook” which I’m giving all my grandsons this year. Very tradition Louisiana recipes are included, in fact, I own a copy as the recipes are delicious.  (There are some really inexpensive copies on Amazon. For some reason you can’t see a Sample, but it’s an excellent cookbook, however there are no pictures. I have several hundred cookbooks in my collection and will use this one. This is by the Beaver Club of Lafayette.)

Cajun Men Cook

Where do they cook these ‘suppers’?

A lot of men have outdoor kitchens in their back yards. A separate building with stove, refrigerator, table, chairs, loungers, a large TV. Their own ‘man cave’ though they don’t call them that.  Some have camps in the woods that host the events. Wherever it is held, it’s good food, good friends and good conversation.

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!” is a Cajun expression meaning “Let the good times roll!”

Pepper Phillips Boggy Bayou Series is set in Louisiana.

“Pepper Phillips clearly understands the customs, cuisine and conversation of the Deep South, with the first novella in her Boggy Bayou series. Naomi’s Heart portrays the developing romance of an older couple, who prove that age has nothing to do with love. Ms. Phillips’ obvious knowledge of Southern culture is highly entertaining and informative, and along with her endearing and well-developed characters, leave the reader reluctant to leave the world she’s created.”

14 thoughts on “Cajun Men Cook by Pepper Phillips

  1. Pepper, you’ve captured my imagination with your talk of Cajun men and their ways. I want to be a fly on the wall for one of those suppers! (I’ll pass on eating the food though–frogs legs and game don’t inspire my appetite as much as my imagination about the men!)
    I think your reviewer was right on about your stories!

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    • Ah, yes, just remember these are REAL men who will go wrestle alligators and consider it a fun sport. Something tells me these guys don’t do wimpy things like jog around the block.
      Actually most game is pretty good when cooked properly. I’ve had deer meat that was enough to make me gag and other times it was fantastic. Depends on who cooks it. And game birds… Nothing worse than eating one that’s filled with buckshot (that was not a good experience), but the taste is good. It tastes like chicken only more flavorful. Frogs legs are good, but I hate to think that someone killed Prince Charming.

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  2. Yum! Thank you for the quick culinary trek through the Deep South. One look at your cast iron cornbread griddle (shaped like ears of corn), and I wanted to go fire up the oven and bake something Cajun.

    Made me think of the ten years we lived in Georgia. Our home there is set on a corner lot adjacent to some of the world’s most amazing neighbors. To this day, we call ourselves the Highlands Corner Crew. We were forever getting together — gals included, because I think the guys loved our side dishes and desserts too much to exclude us — for a fish fry or a crab broil. Gah! I miss those days and can’t wait to go back.

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  3. Real men cook! I believe that. Most our, family, men cook at one time or another, especially when they go to their hunting clubs. That’s their time away from day-to-day responsibilities. Relaxation time. My son often goes to a Game Dinner. I believe they eat everything from venison to alligator. My grandson is getting in on the fun too! So, it’s a good thing for men to get-a-way once in a while to just be themselves. Love Cajun food! Breakfast is a favorite of mine for dinner! 🙂

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  4. This is so interesting, where I’m from men go out for drinks or a sporting event if they wish to get together. Not many get together with the intention to cook!
    I love spicy food, but haven’t tried authentic Cajun cuisine yet, I guess I need to change that 🙂
    Jacquie Biggar

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  5. Real men COOK and I swear, my husband must be an honorary Cajun. He loves to cook and is more obsessive about “his” kitchen than I am. LOL! He constantly cooks with cajun seasoning and there’s no such thing as a recipe. Although, to be fair, he only likes to cook for me.

    Oooh, I want that corn bakeware! Where did you get it? The closest thing I have is my madeleine bakeware. 😉

    I can’t wait to read your Boggy Bayou Series, Pepper.

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  6. You can check the internet for the cast iron cookware. It’s readily available. The men in our area don’t wrestle gators, if they get one (you have to have a permit or you’ll be heavily fined), they shoot them in the head, usually with a handgun. It has to be on the top of the head where there is a gap in the skull. A lot of food around that country touted as ‘Cajun’ is something I’ve never heard of or seen before. I always tell the restaurant that they are wrong for misrepresenting the menu. The one I like the best is Cajun Country Breakfast, which had potatoes on it. “Lady, if there aren’t grits on the plate, it’s not Cajun.” LOL Can’t find grits in a restaurant in the Northwest that I’ve seen.

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  7. I found this fascinating. I never knew about that Louisiana men liked to cook and often had suppers just for the men. And that they were so fastidious about their ‘cast iron’ cookware. I’m going to try the roux recipe and check on that cookbook.
    Beverley B

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  8. I guess you can always tell someone from Louisiana by their collection of cast iron cookware. I have 3 sizes of skillets for cornbread, a corn stick skillet, a round flat skillet, and a Dutch oven. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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