Love & Light

I had another post planned, it was written and scheduled. Then today, in my state, just 2 hours away a horrible thing happened on a college campus.

There have been 45 of these events this year & it just didn’t seem write to post a fluffy piece on how sad I am my son just turned 13 or how busy my writing schedule is shaping up to be! I have my son here with me, safe and sound, today that feels lucky.

My little sister goes to college here in Oregon, just 2 hours away from this sad event. She is safe and sound, today that feels like a true blessing.

Today, instead, I ask that you tell someone you care. Call that person in your life who always seems a little sad and lonely, a little lost. Make their day, notice them. Be kinder than you might have been to a stranger or even someone you know.

Today, live in light and love. Pray if you do, take a moment of reflection or meditation if you do, just be still if those aren’t comfortable. Feel gratitude. Feel loved. Make someone else feel loved.

I wish you a day of peace, love and pure happy light!

As always; wishing you well, in fiction and real life!

Kelly Rae

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8 Responses to Love & Light

  1. susanrhughes says:

    These horrific events are happening all too often. When I hear about them, I always hug my kids a little tighter.

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  2. So heartsick for those families. I don’t understand how humans can commit these types of cruelty on each other and call it religious. Sending my prayers to the families and hugging mine closer.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Fortunately, we don’t think like them. That also means it’s next to impossible for us to understand how they can do such things. If we could comprehend, maybe we could help people, and prevent such things from happening.

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      • So true. Lots of people, especially in Canada where I’m from, think that gun regulation would make a difference, and to a point I agree. But if we can learn to love one another for our differences there will always be wars of some kind.

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  3. E. Ayers says:

    I’m on the opposite coast, yet a writer friend here went to school there. I was chatting to her on the phone when the news was flashed across her TV. She burst into tears. A sleepy little town…

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  4. MRS N, the Author says:

    Events like that only reminds us how filled with darkness the world can be. It’s only when we let our Light shine does the darkness retreat. The gunman in Oregon’s soul was filled with absolute hate for spiritual people and his solution was to blow them away. It’s beyond anything I can comprehend. My heart is filled with sorrow and yet, I am thankful for my loved ones.

    We’re all so blessed and we need to continue to spread the Light. For peace comes when we put down our guns and extend a hand of love and light.

    I’m thankful for each of you and you’re always in my prayers. 🙂

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  5. Carol says:

    What those type people hold in their mind and follow through with such horrific deeds, completely astounds me. I’ll never understand how someone could do the things they do. Yes, such acts come from the darkness that’s rampant, but through the light they could let go of whatever eats away at their brains. So sad. I’m praying for the families who’ve lost loved ones. Keeping all of you in my prayers also.

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