When You Least Expect Life to Take Over

This Summer has been super busy. Life always pops in to say, “Hey, did you forget about me?”

Well…no. How could I? Just when you think all is well, something slams the brakes on whatever you’re working on. Maybe that’s a good thing. We do need to stop and smell the flowers at some point.

We had several issues this Summer and frankly I’m happy to see Fall, its glorious colors and life back to somewhat normal. There’s something about Fall that revives my soul.

I finished Christmas at Apple Lake during a month long frenzy of writing until my fingers were basically numb, my husband became a bachelor and my house took a back seat. We rarely eat out, but hubby ate quick meals and several meals at restaurants that I had no say in how they were prepared.

If you think writers lounge around all day while words flow from their fingers to the keyboard, that’s mostly not true. While in a deadline from the gulches, many writers live in pajamas as they fight the inner editor to leave them alone until the story is down.

Christmas at Apple Lake Final

Christmas at Apple Lake is included in Christmas on Main Street Book 2, a collection of five fabulous brand new stories. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can check it out at http://amzn.com/B016LF0IOA

I’m wrapping up Loving Lexi’s last couple of chapters and can’t wait to see it completed.

Lexi Warner works for The Corner Post as a reporter, in Water’s Edge, FL. She hasn’t had a serious relationship yet. She’s come close, but always ends the relationship before it goes too far. She doesn’t trust men that lie, and most of the men she’d dated, lied. When she meets Tyler Hawkes, she begins to learn to trust men. But will that trust be her undoing?

Tyler Hawkes, raised in foster homes, knows all about deceit and has a hard time trusting anyone. Since his wife’s death, he’s relocated to protect his past and has no desire to become involved again, until Lexi Warner breezes into town. Can Tyler learn to move forward, despite learning Lexi has kept from him that she’s a reporter and in town to interview the famous former sports announcer Tyler Hawkes? Can Tyler forgive Lexi’s indiscretion?

Thanks for joining us and reading!

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7 thoughts on “When You Least Expect Life to Take Over

  1. Ah, yes. That thing that gets in the way. I’m still behind and trying to catch up. And if I don’t get my hind parts out of this chair and away from the computer, I’m going to be in so much trouble this evening! Someone needs dog food!

    Liked by 2 people

    • The spoiled baby got a much needed new collar – she doesn’t fit in a dog collar! And some new treats that she loves.

      You are so right, we have to remember that we are more than just authors. Climbing out of our caves gives us contact with the rest of the world and lots of fodder for other stories! But the stories won’t write themselves and keyboard time is very important.

      I’m reading Christmas at Apple Lake and loving it!

      Liked by 1 person

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