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Lost Someone Special This Year?

It was Pepper’s turn to blog, and I’m sure she would have told you about her Thanksgiving with her family, and offered a photo or two of her table decorated for the occasion. Knowing her, she would have included a … Continue reading

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For many holidays mean a break from work or school, a vacation away from the boring or stressful routine, a time to receive or give gifts,… For me holidays are about getting together with the family. When I was growing … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

As we all know, giving thanks is part of our lives. We give thanks for our family, our friends, our blessings. No one knows this better than I do. I’m grateful each day that I wake up, and am blessed … Continue reading

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Thank You and Goodbye to a Dear Friend: Pepper Phillips by Stephanie Queen

Today I was going to write a Thanksgiving note—something with the usual wise guy commentary from Myren my chauffeur. Instead, I will write about the passing of a treasured friend, one of us Authors from Main Street, Pepper Phillips. But … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie-Cake, Easiest Holiday Dessert Ever by Joan Reeves

Less than a week to Thanksgiving, and I’m in the holiday mood. I’ve been cleaning, sprucing up the guest room, and hanging the rest of the art that has been stacked in an upstairs closet for almost 2 years. With … Continue reading

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Fork in the Road

In the words of the late, great, Yogi Berra, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it”. I’m taking it. This last year has been incredibly altering for me on a personal level. I’ve been wrapped up … Continue reading

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Let’s Pause to Talk about Commas by Susan R. Hughes

Commas can be sneaky little beasts. They do far more than simply indicate a pause in a sentence, and a writer should never underestimate the importance of using them correctly. Misusing a comma can change the meaning of your sentence … Continue reading

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