Christmas in Mariner’s Cove

If you love a little romance, something unexpected, small towns, New England, or this time of year (autumn as it slides into early winter), this is the perfect book for you!

Each small town has its own flavor. Mariner’s Cove is no different. Mariner’s Cove is a fictional town on the coast of Maine. It’s not based on any particular place, just a compilation of so many small towns along the coast of New England. Such towns are get-away places from the bigger cities, but they are also the where many hard working, middle-class families live. The fishermen, and I use that term to include all those who make their living from the sea, are a breed unto themselves. Most are from generations of fishermen. Tough people who don’t require fancy satellite updates on weather, they can look at the clouds and the white caps, and tell more than any weather report. But they aren’t going to turn down modern technology, which makes their job easier.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky to know some of these people who make their living from the sea, I’ve visited the towns, been to clam bakes, helped to dig pits for steaming some of the finest seafood you’ll ever taste, visited the museums, been that leaf-looker tourist, and been with friends who have owned those lovely homes on the coast. My husband’s family is from one of those small New England coastal towns where everyone knows everyone. And it is that sort of tight-knit community that makes Mariner’s Cove what it is.

The towns that dot the coast of New England are not solely reliant on tourism. When the summer people and the tourists go away, there is still a community of hard-working people.

Christmas in Mariner’s Cove starts in the early autumn when Frank Mariner's CoveCresson, the irresponsible younger cousin to Brook Brooklyn in the first book Mariner’s Cove, comes to Mariner’s Cove to decide on his future. Except, now he’s matured. His dreams of racing in motocross are behind him.

With his ties to Ken Taylor, Frank is considering giving up being part of his family’s law practice and going with Ken to help him build his fledgling motorcycle company. Frank realizes his heart belongs to cycles and the racing world. But is it practical to walk away from a family law firm and do something that seems reckless, yet has a greater financial potential and certainly more personal reward?

Celine is one of those hard-working young females who populate such small towns. But she isn’t prepared to watch a knight in shining armor to be thrown from his mount and she isn’t the type of person to walk away.

red ball 2 break2Here’s an excerpt:

Celine hands were shaking so hard she wasn’t certain she’d be able to fix a cup of coffee, but somehow she managed to insert the little pod into the coffeemaker. Pressing start, she grabbed her mug from the old fashion drainer that sat next to the sink and pushed it under the spout. The little machine made a familiar gurgle and hissed a few times before the dark brown liquid began to drip into the mug.

She stuck the tip of her teaspoon into the sugar bowl, sprinkled a few grains into her coffee, and then added a dash of heavy cream before stirring. Taking a few sips of her hot coffee, she began to formulate some plans. If she went to the hospital, she knew no one would allow her near Frank if she said she was his friend. A grin pulled her cheeks. If I go as his wife… I need perfection. I need to look like I’m Frank’s wife.

When her grandmother died, her father’s oldest brother’s wife handled the woman’s estate. At the time, Celine was just shy of her twelfth birthday. That aunt sent Celine, the only female on her father’s side, a wedding ring set, a double strand of pearls, a complete set of antique china plates, and the sterling silverware that went with it.

She reached into her jewelry box and found the antique ring set that had belonged to her grandmother. The setting was ornate and old-fashioned. Celine slipped the set on her left ring finger and held up her hand. They were a hair’s breath loose, but she could wear them. She pulled them off long enough to drop them into a jar of jewelry cleaner.

Then she worked on finding the perfect outfit. Frustration began to build in her like a geyser. She searched her closet one more time, settled on a pair of chocolate-brown corduroy pants, and paired them with a yellow sweater. Then she searched her jewelry box. Not finding what she wanted, she searched her top bureau drawer that was filled with little boxes of odd jewelry. Positive that the little pin had to be in one of those boxes, she searched a second time. This time she carefully checked the box that contained several pieces of wooden jewelry, and there she found it. Underneath a chunkier piece sat the little, copper enamel leaf brooch with matching earrings.

Taking the leaf jewelry to the bathroom, she put them on, and stared at herself in the mirror. Certainly Frank’s wife would wear some makeup. She applied a little eye shadow, mascara, and lip-gloss. Perfect. She reached into the jar of jewelry cleaner, gave the rings a good brushing with the tiny jar’s brush, rinsed the rings, and placed them on her finger. She held her hand up and admired the antique diamond setting and how the diamonds sparkled in the bathroom light. Thank you, Grandmother.

She slipped her feet into a little pair of flatties, grabbed up her phone and Frank’s.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy, do so. It’s only 99 cents for five great novellas from the authors here on Main Street. Think the cover sparkles with light? Wait until you read it! These heart-warming, feel-good stories are perfect for a chilly evening and will put a little sparkle in your heart. This little holiday treat won’t last long. By mid-January it will be gone forever! 

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Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or one of the other holidays?

I think I celebrate a little of everything! Maybe because I have a diverse mix of friends, but I love Christmas music and all the decorations, but mostly I like the season because people are nicer to each other. But after Christmas, people revert back to their bah-humbug grumpy selves! Smile, folks! It doesn’t cost a thing!


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5 Responses to Christmas in Mariner’s Cove

  1. Carol says:

    I really loved Frank and Celine’s story in Christmas in Mariner’s Cove! It’s a great feel-good story for Christmas. I hope everyone has a chance to read and let us know how much they loved it too.

    Liked by 3 people

    • E. Ayers says:

      Thank you.

      I always knew I wanted to write his story. He meant no harm in the first book, but he created havoc for Brook and Nikki. I just wanted Frank to grow up and have his own chance at happiness, because he really was a good guy. But I wasn’t expecting him to be… Can’t spoil that part of the story. 🙂 But as soon as I wrote it, It was like being hit with a bolt of lightning. In my mind, everything, even stuff that happened in the first book, fell into place for me.It explained so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. leighmorgan1 says:

    Beautiful, E.!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. susanrhughes says:

    Mariner’s Cove is a great place to visit!


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