Christmas? Really?

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet in the USA and we’re telling you about our Christmas books. Sometimes I wonder why. And to make matters worse several of us here on the street are under deadlines and swamped.

I stay swamped. I’m not even certain why, but somehow I manage to commit to a schedule that keeps me glued to the computer. Now, I’m working on a historical western that will release in February.  But the book that sent me down the western path is actually a Christmas story. A little East meets West kind of thing.

A Native American cowboy and a national TV news anchorwoman have nothing in common except for their pasts. Is love preordained? An old diary from when Jessie and Clare Coleman settled on the land in the 1840’s provides a history of their life. But tucked between the pages is an unrequited love between Clare Coleman and a tall Native American. Does love and land come full circle? In this season of giving, will fate reach through time to give a gift of love?

Andy Coyote settled into the job as foreman on the Coleman ranch. He’s got custody of his thirteen month old daughter and the situation is perfect for both of them until Caroline Coleman returns home for Christmas and one of the worst blizzards in years hits the area. He’s forced to accept Caroline’s help to move a herd of cattle and mixed in it are several head from another ranch in the community. Cattle rustling still happens.

Caroline Coleman has her dream job as a Washington, D.C., news anchor for a national broadcast, but home is in Wyoming on her family’s ranch. She has everything that money can buy, but the things that she really wants can’t be purchased. Raised with solid, hard working, family values, she knows her life in the spotlight isn’t real. She wants a man who appreciates the ranch, loves her for who she is and not what she is, and she wants a family of her own. And she doesn’t like the idea of Andy Coyote taking advantage of her grandmother.

This book has also been available in the past in the boxed set

Christmas on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street.

 Amazon International Buy Links.

From that story I’ve written quite a few contemporary westerns and historical westerns all located in Creed’s Crossing, Wyoming.

People seem to like that rural, small town, rancher sort of story and I can’t blame them. I gave a young friend a ride home from work tonight. It was in one of these new housing areas that have become so popular. Duplexes and quadplexes crammed onto what had once been a farmer’s field. Outrageously priced, those homes are lovely inside, but who wants to live that close to another person/family? I don’t! Give me a house in the middle of a few hundred acres! Or at least a house in the small town where you actually know your neighbors. Maybe that’s why readers are attracted to small town romances.

If I were really web savvy, I’d figure out how to add a button that would allow you to download a story now, but I’m way too techno-challenged to do that so if you’d like to read a little Creed’s Crossing, Wyoming romance…. You’ll find it here! 

I promise, it’s a short story. Read it on your lunch break or while you are waiting for the children. It’s just a little introduction to my westerns and to my style of writing.

This year in the Authors of Main Street, Christmas on Main Street – Book 2 you’ll find Christmas in Mariner’s Cove. It’s another small town in New England.

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4 Responses to Christmas? Really?

  1. MRS N, the Author says:

    Hey E, it sounds like a winner. I love Christmas and so I love all the posts here on AOMS. 🙂 Christmas is in the air… can you smell it?

    Liked by 2 people

    • E. Ayers says:

      I’m still waiting for the leaves to turn colors around here! They are a little late this season but considering I’ve had my back door wide open all day, I won’t complain too much! They say this winter is going to be extra cold so I’ll enjoy these warm temps while they last.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Carol says:

    Christmas is a time…a feeling in your heart. A feeling to carry you through the years. Loving your short story, E. 🙂


  3. susanrhughes says:

    I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations and hearing holiday music in the stores already! Puts me in the mood to shop – I suppose that’s why they do it.


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