Fork in the Road

In the words of the late, great, Yogi Berra, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it”. I’m taking it.


This last year has been incredibly altering for me on a personal level. I’ve been wrapped up in the emotion of losing both my parents and dealing with their estates, which has been anything but straightforward or painless. What I’ve found?…it’s rarely a good thing to live in your own head, but it can be useful for storytelling.

So where does Yogi come in? His levity and wit smacked me on the head during my once-a-month writers group lunch. I was handing over ideas and photos for cover art for my February 2016 release of: THE MAGICIAN’S CHALICE, which I anticipated to be billed as: “Book Four of the Warrior Chronicles”. After giving my vision for the cover to the group and giving them my spiel about how the Warrior series has grown from straightforward romance to romance with more adventure-fantasy elements, a new thought emerged from the group, which I embraced.


This newest Warrior book will be the first in a line of Damselfly Society Novels. The title is: THE MAGICIAN’S CHALICE: A Damselfly Society Novel. I love it! It also frees me to celebrate the fork in the road and proceed down both—a continuation of a family line I love and the new path life and vocation are taking them down. I’m excited in a fresh new way about a story that had been tripping me up a bit because I was constantly trying to tame the wilder elements for a mainstream contemporary romance audience. Now I don’t have to….well not in this book, anyway.

SAVING CHANCE: A Shute Pond Novel is set to come out in April 2016. This novel is aimed directly at those who love contemporary romance with a small town twist. I love this story, which stalled when my mother died and is now looking bright again. This cover will have the same sort of feel that my cover for: SECOND CHANCES has. I love this cover!


The Damselfly Society was introduced in the third Warrior Chronicles Book, DEFENDING DESTINY. All three Warrior books have similar covers. THE MAGICIAN’S CHALICE’s cover will be more Celtic…it will have a chalice somewhere on the cover—grin. I’m excited about this journey and will share excerpts, cover art and exact release information as the time grows nearer, which will be after promotions for AoMS’s Christmas books which I will say are numerous and exceptional, so dive into the holiday season with some fantastic AoMS seasonal reads!

I am feeling particularly blessed this Thanksgiving for all those in my life who constantly add value to it. Thank you all. Here’s hoping that when that fork presents itself, we all seize the moment and take it.

Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving.


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4 Responses to Fork in the Road

  1. susanrhughes says:

    So sorry you lost your parents. That must be so tough to bounce back from. Best of luck with your upcoming releases. You are very talented!

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Thank you, Susan. Missing both my parents more this holiday season, but the memories are good and focusing on keeping our traditions alive and well brings a smile. Hope the Christmas box set sells through the roof!

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  2. Carol says:

    Leigh, congratulations on your upcoming releases! Exciting. They sound quite interesting. I’m sorry about the loss of your parents, that has to be very hard to deal with. I’m glad you’re able to write again.

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Thanks, Carol. It’s funny how loss can affect our work. I wrote the entire time, just not on these stories. Couldn’t touch, Saving Chance, for weeks after mom passed. Part of that was because I was researching in Scotland–a trip planned long before mom died–and my focus was there. Part of it was the up-beat nature of that story–just couldn’t pull that off immediately. Happy with the way both releases are progressing now. Hope your Christmas story sells well and that the AoMS Christmas box set for 2015 does incredibly well for you all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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