It’s Your Turn!

Now…it’s your turn to let us know what one, or more, Special thing you do at Christmas or Christmas Eve. I’d love to hear some of your memories and or special things you do at this time of year.

Each year my grandson and I bake cookies and make a Gingerbread Train together.


We made houses until he got a bit older, so I thought the train was best for him a few years ago. Last year we added a Christmas tree, this year we added tiny gifts under the tree and two deer beside the train. Next year we’ll add something else, but have no idea yet what it will be.

We have a tiny Christmas tree my granddaughter colored and cut out ornaments when she was about five. We still bring out the tree each year in her memory. It’s a lovely memory to cherish.

When I was younger, we could open one gift Christmas Eve, the rest were saved until Christmas morning. Needless to say, we had a hard time falling asleep, because we could barely wait for Santa.

Mom did the best she could with what resources she had, but above all there was love involved with the gifts. Kids would probably laugh these days, but we always counted on oranges and peppermint in our stockings. Mom would roll the orange to break apart the pulp, cut a hole in the top and insert a stick of peppermint inside the orange. If you’ve never eaten an orange and peppermint together, give it a try! It’s really good. 🙂

I love romance, contemporaries, comedy, mystery and thrillers. Most any genre catches my attention if the story has a great plot and lots of twists and turns. Filling our readers with books each Christmas season gives me a reason to order my favorite authors or find new ones. I don’t really need a reason to order, but who doesn’t like finding surprises on their reader during this giving season?

Tell us what your favorite genre is. Do you have a book or movie you read or watch every year?

We usually watch Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. The season doesn’t feel complete without those two. Of course there are many new Christmas movies this year too.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m still cooking and baking. The holiday sneaked up on me this year. Too much else going on to be well organized. Never fear, all will come together as it does each year.

I wish you a Wonderful and Merry Christmas! My hope is this year will be your best Christmas ever.

From all of us here at Authors of Main StreetMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You can find my new book Christmas at Apple Lake  at Amazon. Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “It’s Your Turn!

  1. I’m finding that my traditions keep evolving. And I’ve learned not to get upset when something doesn’t get done or whatever. Keeping it light and happy is more important. I don’t ever want to lose the joy in the holiday. If we set impossible standards and then don’t meet them, we do that whole guilt thing. NOPE! Not going to happen. Pick the things that are really important and do them. Skip the rest!

    This year I managed to get the wreath on the front door. End of decorating for me! I’m working under a deadline for a book. My girls did the family Xmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Their hubby’s cleaned it up. Wow was Xmas easy! No baking, cooking, or decorating. Maybe next year I’ll do something special.

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    • Each year there seems to be less time for decorating and each year I do less and less! I used to leave the tree up until New Year, but am already wanting to take down all decorations. Getting back to normal, whatever that is, means more now. I’m trying to finish a book also. I need organization! Your girls are fabulous to do all the work for the holidays. Here’s to next year. You have a whole year to plan!

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  2. My Grandma took us to see: A Christmas Carol, every year. These past few years I’ve taken my family to the same the 1895 theater in Milwaukee, WI, THE PABST THEATER. The theater the Pabst beer family established. Such a lovely production. Traditions old and new make my heart sing. Happy Christmas, Carol and may the New Year bring every Happiness.

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  3. I’m late reading your lovely post. Our traditions are also evolving as our children’s families continue to grow. Each year is different it seems, but the one thing that remains constant is our love for family and friends.


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