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Free Highwayman!

Who doesn’t love a highwayman? Especially one who is free for the weekend and looking for love? The Highwayman Incident, my paranormal time travel romance is free until Sunday. And then, like the rest of us, he’s tied up on … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Life

How many times do I wonder about the future? What should I chase? What should I let go? What do I have? What do I want? What’s important? While thumbing through Netflix one evening, I saw a series called Chasing … Continue reading

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Am I the Only Football Nut Here? asks Stephanie Queen

Besides Myren of course. (It goes without saying that my chauffeur Myren is a football nut. Or maybe it’s just that he’s a nut and he watches football.) But it might be rare to be both a romance novel nut … Continue reading

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2016 – A Time for Renewal

January makes me hopeful. There, I said it. Hope fills me during this often bleak, generally brutal, time of year for us. Let me explain. The holidays are over. New Year champagne has been toasted, the bottles recycled. The deep … Continue reading

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Moments of Joy by Susan R. Hughes

January is my least favourite month; in the letdown after Christmas, the bleak winter days seem to magnify even the smallest of my troubles and add a sense of malaise about life. I know I’ve been lucky in life overall. … Continue reading

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What Did We Do Before YouTube? by Joan Reeves

Back in the old days, humans would sit in front of the TV and flip from channel to channel using the remote. Now, with a smart TV, humans–like me–can click on the TV’s YouTube app and be entertained for hours … Continue reading

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Welcome to my World

I’m Gina, one of the new members of Main Street so I thought I’d use my inaugural post to introduce myself (I know–not very original of me). Don’t scroll past just yet, though! I’m not going to waste your time … Continue reading

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