Am I the Only Football Nut Here? asks Stephanie Queen

footballheartBesides Myren of course. (It goes without saying that my chauffeur Myren is a football nut. Or maybe it’s just that he’s a nut and he watches football.)

But it might be rare to be both a romance novel nut and a football nut at the same time. I’m not sure. How does one know this kind of thing?


You know if you’re a Romance Novel Football Loving Nut if:

  • Your husband asks “Did you see that catch?” and you have to take your earbuds out because you’ve been listening to the latest Nora Roberts audiobook
  • You jump from your chair to cheer the touchdown and knock the kindle from your lap and it pages forward wildly in the process before you had a chance to bookmark it.
  • You have a paperback with a picture of a half-dressed cowboy on the cover on your lap during the game that you’re hiding under a football shaped pillow.
  • You refuse the drink your friend offers because you don’t want to risk spilling it on your iPad while you’re reading your romance.
  • Your husband says “It was a bad call honey, but you don’t need to cry about it” when he sees the tears streaming down your face because you just reached a sappy special moment in the love story you’re surreptitiously listening to.
  • Your husband says “Why are you all pink honey?” when he turns to high five you after your team wins and you can’t bring yourself to tell him it was the hot scene you just finished reading so you say “I’m excited about the big win.”

Or you have to tell your chauffeur to stop shouting at the TV because the refs can’t hear him anyway and you can’t hear the audiobook you’re listening to just when they’re getting to the juicy part (this works great to help take the edge off bad reffing during the game).

Only two weeks to go and then I can go back to enjoying romance novels uninterrupted by New SOL Cover-2D Finalcheering for my team and despairing about NFL refereeing. That’s one good thing about being a romance novel fan–they’re always in season!

Speaking of seasons, we’re coming up on the season of love if there is one–Valentine’s Day. Myren thinks it’s no coincidence that I’m mentioning a boxed set called Season of love with 5 Valentine novellas for $.99. For once he’s right.

It’s available on Amazon, Nook & KOBO.

Do you have a favorite Valentine romance to recommend?


8 thoughts on “Am I the Only Football Nut Here? asks Stephanie Queen

  1. I’m not a huge football fan, but my 18 year old son has been a Carolina Panthers fan since he was a toddler (In peewee football, he always chose #89 for his uniform to honor his hero, Steve Smith) so how could I not watch last night’s game? And yes, I was writing at the time, so this really resonated with my activities. Cheering, missing something and waiting for the replay, trying to focus on my heroine’s bad date while in a good mood as the scoreboard racked up another touchdown, and simultaneously texting my boy (who’s away at school) to celebrate with him.

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  2. Oh, I’m the lucky one! Hubby was not a football fan so I don’t even understand the game. Someone left me to watch the game for him while he took care of a problem. He came back and I told him that the red team had two downs. When he looked at the scoreboard, he asked what made me say they had two downs. Well, two guys were put down on the ground with the ball. He rolled his eyes and said, “Not a football fan, right?” It was a blue team against a red team. At least I could tell him which team had the downs.

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    • LOL. I’m almost that bad, E. I drive hubby nuts asking “dumb” questions. Son, his wife, grandson and hubby always have first dibs on the TV when football is on. I’m getting a bit better. Laptop is always in my lap while I watch though. 🙂

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