In Pursuit of Life

How many times do I wonder about the future? What should I chase? What should I let go?

What do I have? What do I want? What’s important?

While thumbing through Netflix one evening, I saw a series called Chasing Life. The cover, which had a young girl sitting on a coffin, didn’t appeal to me, except to generate reluctance for its suggested content. I wasn’t in the mood for death or anything pertaining to it.

A few weeks later, after spending too much time trying to find something to watch, my husband happened to notice the cover. Why don’t we see what that one is about? So, tired of searching for something else, I clicked on the series, Chasing Life.

We were immediately caught up in the storyline and couldn’t wait for the next episode to air.

While I searched for time and listing for the next season to air, I found future episodes are abandoned. What? Four episodes to go and we’re finished. From a friend who had already seen the series, I understand the last episode ends on a cliffhanger. Of course, since in the beginning they most likely expected there would be more of the storyline to air, but that isn’t to be.

I suppose that’s the same as pursuing life. We enjoy the ride for a while, and then the road either takes us in circles or ends. And…roads have many curves.

Okay, so what do I have? Love, family, friends, my health, a comfortable life?


What do I want?

The list above covers it all.

What’s important?

The same list above gives me all the things in life that is important—important to me.

In the pursuit of life, the future is unknown. I can only be accountable for what I do in the now…but plan for potential growth. I can let go of areas I can’t control.

Are you chasing life? What’s important to you?

Happy January!

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About Carol

Carol falls in love with every character she writes in her books. She loves basing them on the good and the bad personalities that make up life. That's what makes them real. Carol feels as though she’s in a movie when visualizing characters and she jumps right onto the page with them. Often the theme of her books is forgiveness. Whether planned or not, forgiveness sneaks its way into her stories. That's okay, because Carol believes forgiving others is essential. She favors a great story, with slices of twists that cause her to reflect on the problems life throws at us and how we react. Carol believes in happy endings. Humor is a big part of her stories and daily routine, and yes, she laughs a lot! Travel is one of her favorite things to do. She dabbles in art, always has popcorn and hot chocolate on hand. Carol is a small-town girl at heart and her stories are peppered with a dose of humor, based on Southern roots. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family.
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13 Responses to In Pursuit of Life

  1. susanrhughes says:

    I want all that plus a Caribbean vacation.

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  2. ginaarditoauthor says:

    Okay, now I know what to watch next on Netflix. Maybe the answer to how it ends is…you get to decide. Just like in life.

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  3. E. Ayers says:

    Money never buys the important things. It only allows us to live at a certain comfort level. It’s amazing what we don’t need. If you have a roof over your head and food in the pantry, or refrig, you are ahead of most the population of the world and ahead of so many people who would love to just have clean water. We are spoiled!

    I’d love to have the freedom to walk away from the computer for a few months and the book sales that go with such freedom. I want enough money to not have to worry about paying basic bills and enough to buy food when I need it. Anything else is cream on top of the milk. Recognizing the cream is what most people fail to see. We don’t need cable, we want it. We don’t need a Disney vacation, we want it.

    Friends, family, and love, cannot be bought. Even health is not protected by money, it helps, but it’s not a guarantee. It you have friends, family, health, and love, you are wealthy! If you have a roof over your head and heat/AC, you are extremely wealthy.

    Most of the time I have the basics covered financially, I have the other things that money can’t buy, that means I’m chasing the freedom to write the stories that my readers love. They more they love my books, the more freedom I have. 🙂

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  4. Carol says:

    E., I enjoyed reading your post. We are definitely blessed. So many others have much less than we. That is heartbreaking. Coming up, we weren’t rich, but we always had love and a roof over our heads. We didn’t even know we weren’t rich until someone told us. 🙂 And someone will always bring that to your attention.

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  5. Joan Reeves says:

    At the moment, all I want is to be caught up on all my obligations. *LOL* I’m nearly there, but I fear it will be like the old saying: “Just when I could make ends meet, they moved the ends.” Thanks for pointing me to that series. I hadn’t heard of it. I’ll check it out.

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    • Carol says:

      “Just when I could make ends meet, they moved the ends.” LOL I certainly identify with this saying! It seems I never get caught up 100%. The circle goes on. I hope you make headway on obligations. Enjoy the series. 🙂


  6. Jill James says:

    I want to have finished this life with no regrets, but I know that isn’t going to happen. Life changes in an instant and leaves you with unfinished business no matter how well you plan. My mom came to live with us and we planned for her living with us until the end…we didn’t know that end would be after six weeks. My mom was 61 years old.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Oh, Jill, how sad! Multi-generational homes can be wonderful for everyone. At least you had her for that short time.

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    • Carol says:

      No regrets. That’s huge. No matter how hard we try to live with no regrets, there will always be something left undone. We’re human though and can’t beat ourselves up…we can only do our best. I’m sorry you lost your mom so early in life. I know you’re happy to have had that special time together. 🙂

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  7. leighmorgan1 says:

    Work is pretty high on my agenda for chasing and actively enjoying this year, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’d also like a Caribbean vacation, like Susan AND completion of all my obligations, like Joan—preferably long before they’re due. Great post, Carol. I’ll be checking out, Chasing Life!

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  8. Carol says:

    Doesn’t work and life’s obligations always run high on the list? I say all writers should employ The Maid Brigade, whether we want to or not. Lol. Let’s hear three cheers for a little pampering! I hope you fit in a Caribbean vacation. Authors of Main Street – Holiday in the Caribbean. I’m sure we could all use the time away. Enjoy Chasing Life!


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