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Are you a competitive person? Do you feel the urge to challenge yourself continuously? Do you set more difficult goals as you achieve the previous ones? I am not an athletic person, but I have always been competitive in school … Continue reading

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Appealing To the Muse

A good while back I began what was to be Book 2 of a romantic comedy. The characters and story were fresh in my mind. I had great expectations at finishing the book in a matter of a couple of … Continue reading

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The (Secret) Glamorous Life of a Romance Writer

As I sit at my desk…no, I mean, as I lounge on my pink velvet divan, I’m waiting for my agent to call. Any minute the phone shall ring like St. Patricks Cathedral bells chiming and he’ll have the news. … Continue reading

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Parents And Problems by Joan Reeves

I’m slow to get this post up today because I’ve been on the phone a long time counseling my oldest kid. He’s going through that difficult time: raising a teenager. He bemoaned how hard it was to deal with his … Continue reading

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World Building

Recently, in my work-in-progress, I had to step back and compile a “bible” for a secret society I’ve created. I didn’t think I’d been all that technical when I laid it out in a previous book, DEFENDING DESTINY, but as … Continue reading

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Candy Hearts

Sweethearts (candy) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Sweethearts (also known as conversation hearts) are small heart-shaped sugar candies sold around Valentine’s Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, “Call Me”, “Let’s Get … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Shopping for the Book Lover

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, and if your sweetheart is a book lover, he/she might love something that indulges that passion. To help you out, I’ve amassed a few items that would be fun for anyone who’s idea of a … Continue reading

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