Books & Vegas!

 Here’s the thing about Las Vegas, it’s proof that you actually CAN have too much of a good thing! 😀 Exhausting!

Earlier this month I went to my first book signing, as a signing author. I was both nervous and excited for this event. I got to Vegas a few days early to enjoy the town and catch a few shows. My favorite was Jersey Boys, at the Paris Hotel & Casino. This show was FANtastic and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Vegas. MUST SEE❗️

After two days of good times with friends, it was time to buckle down and spend time with my publishing house, editor, and fellow Forever Red Authors. Okay… we goofed off a little, before the work started. We walked the strip, saw Zumanity (another superb show), and maybe went to a show where a lot of men speak Australian. 🙈   

Eventually, it was time to get to work and attend the signing. I had such an amazing time meeting new readers and authors. There were also a few cover models in the room and I have to admit they did take a little attention away from the authors; even if they were instructed to keep their shirts on. (No, seriously, it was announced before the start that they had to wear their shirts! 😝) 

Five hours, several signed copies sold, a lot of really amazing people at my table,  and I managed to get through my first signing. Such a great feeling and experience. Every new step in my career is a reason to celebrate, although mostly I was just tired. 💤 There is so much to do and see in Vegas, that the last day I really only wanted coffee and a good read, by one of the new authors I’d met at the signing! 

The week did have an added bonus, because Books One & Two of the Series I was signing,One Day at a Wedding, released and a cover reveal went out for a follow up novella to the series, Call Me Yours❣The entire week was a huge succes and a lot of fun, but, and I hate to say it, I was beyonf ready to head home and sleep when it was all over. LOL 

Since then, Call Me Yours, released and I am getting amazing feedback on the series! It’s always encouraging when people enjoy the work. If you’d like to check out the series with little to no commitmen, lol, there is a prequel that’s FREE. See the series links below for all 4 stories that make up my One Day at a Wedding Series❗️
✯ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆


 ✯ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆

 Call Me Yours by Kelly Rae


Thad got his woman, but he also met his match. Brianna is tough and yet very skittish when it comes to having a real relationship. Thad, who is usually all about fun and keeping things light and loose, is not so sure he can do that with Brianna Simmons.

One Day at a Wedding Series by Kelly Rae 

PreQuel, When Cassie Met Thad, is FREE:…/…/B019LQKDEG

Books One & Two Available NOW:…/…/B019GIUWZ4

Novella 2.5  ONLY 99cents! 

(this one is a little hotter):

I hope this first month of the new year treated you as well or better than it did me! Thanks for stopping by today and please, leave a comment below about #Vegas, your best Vegas story and I’ll enter every name into and pick someone to WIN a signed copy of When Cassie Met Thad – the prequel to the entire series❣

As always, wishing you well in fiction and rel life! 

Kelly Rae

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10 Responses to Books & Vegas!

  1. Carol says:

    Congratulations on a productive Vegas visit as a book signing author! Great move to plan ahead for fun before the book signing! I haven’t been back to Vegas in years, but would love to go back. Lots of fun and good food to be had. Best of luck with the new book!

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  2. susanrhughes says:

    Sounds exciting. I’d love to go there someday.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s bright lights and noise and pretty people, but it’s also drunks and cigarette smoke 🙊 So, it needs to be for just a couple of days, 3 max or it gets overwhelming. LOL To me anyway, but it was a great time!


  3. E. Ayers says:

    My daughter loves Vegas. She and hubby ran there to get married after watching her sis have a BIG wedding. That was fine with me!

    They left here with $300 cash. Had booked their flight and hotel as a package. By the time they got there, they were too tired to do anything but sleep, so they didn’t get married until the next day. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone, I’m not certain his parents knew that little fact!) They next day they got up and got married before they wandered through the town, watched the fountains, took in some shows, and did all the tourist stuff. They aren’t really gamblers so they decided to try a few of those “machines” New hubby drops a few nickles in the one and suddenly everything starts flashing and a siren went off. He’s backing away thinking something is seriously wrong. He hit a jackpot. A few minutes later she did the same thing. They never seriously played – they’d just drop a coin here and there and pull the handle. It was just a fun game.

    After seeing a dozen shows, taking in the Grand Canyon and doing pretty much whatever they wanted, they returned home with $297 in their pocket, the rental what been paid with winnings as had their hotel, meals, and flights. They figured it cost them $3 to get married and take a vacation. They’ve been several times since and they’ve never been that lucky. But they love it there.

    Glad to hear you had a great book signing! I love the new covers.


  4. ginaarditoauthor says:

    The covers are gawr-jus! So glad you had a successful signing. Vegas must be a challenge with all the distractions. Happy it worked for you!

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  5. Jill James says:

    Kelly, sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. I love it there. So much free entertainment. My fave is the dancing waters at Bellagio.

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  6. Joan Reeves says:

    You’re so right about Jersey Boys. Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations and best wishes. Gorgeous covers.

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  7. Mona Risk says:

    Congratulations Kelly. Las Vegas+booksigning=best fun!

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  8. leighmorgan1 says:

    Whoot!!!!! Way to Go, Kelly! Looks like you had a wonderful and productive time. Your banners look fabulous. So happy for you!


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