Valentine’s Day Shopping for the Book Lover

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, and if your sweetheart is a book lover, he/she might love something that indulges that passion. To help you out, I’ve amassed a few items that would be fun for anyone who’s idea of a hot Saturday night is finishing that book. While it might be a little late to get your shopping on for this year, it’s never too late to think about next year. Or you might want to consider one of these gifts for an upcoming birthday (mine’s in August, in case you’re wondering).

  1. Ex Libris wine from Polaner Selections. As any good bibliophile will tell you, “ex libris” means, “from the library of…”
  2. fingerprintA bookmark that not only holds your place, but also points to the last line you read. Available at Amazon.
  3. Library stamp t-shirtL-1090_library-stamp_Womens_Tees_1_compact
  4. chocolate barBook quotes and chocolate. Need I say more?
  5. The Bamboo Bathtub CaddyBamboo-Bathtub-Caddy1-500x500
  6. teaspoonThis stamped teaspoon.
  7. So Many Books, So Little Time bookends.
  8. Pride & Prejudice jewelry like this: Pride-and-Prejudice-Bead-Earrings-540x608
  9. Mix your valentine one of these literary-inspired cocktails.
  10. paper rosesMore a traditional gift-giver? How about these paper roses?

Of course, the best gift you can give your book lover is time to read!


19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Shopping for the Book Lover

  1. Gina. Where did you ever find Pride and Prejudice jewelry? I love the earrings – ear bobs I think they called them then. What a great writers’ gift for any time of year. Oh no. Something more for me to covet. Or to feel guilty about if I actually give in and get them. Thanks. Alice

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  2. More re: the Pride and Prejudice jewelry. The company will do custom orders which means we can have ear bobs made with the names of our own heroines and heroes on them – or those of our writer friends. What a fabulous idea and they’re inexpensive too. Alice

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