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Ma’am. A Southern Form of Polite Address

Some days you’re just out of sorts. Ya know? Have you ever been there? I’m willing to bet you have. Yesterday was one of those days…and today hasn’t proven to be much better. With a lot going on today and … Continue reading

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Why Should I Know About the Women of Scotland Yard

by Stephanie Queen It’s all because of a story, more precisely a character named Shana George who happens to be a Special Investigator with the Scotland Yard—also known as the Metropolitan Police—in their Specialist Operations Counter Terrorism Command. Before I … Continue reading

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Politics and Writing

With the election debates, rallies, interviews, I bet you have been watching the news more than usual. I know I did. Surprisingly, the political candidates demonstrated that they share several qualities. The lessons I learned as an author can be … Continue reading

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I have had some crazy ideas at times, but restarting ballet at this stage of my life isn’t one of them. I started martial arts the day I started practicing law, so I wouldn’t go berserk from the stress and … Continue reading

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Yard Work by Susan R. Hughes

After a long winter, there’s nothing like the first warm, sunny spring day. A week ago, I wore my heavy winter coat to go out and the cold wind froze my hands. Today I was overheating in my shorts. Spring … Continue reading

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Real Life Versus Writing Life by Joan Reeves #AoMS

I’m late publishing this post today because I came up empty in the find an entertaining subject category. I just can’t think of anything except how down in the dumps I feel. You see I’m tired and real life is … Continue reading

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Questions That Keep Me Up at Night

Lots of people have insomnia every once in a while. Stress about work, family, health, etc. will keep you awake, pondering in the dark. Me? I have one of those minds that refuses to turn off when the lights go … Continue reading

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