Spring Cleaning

An excellent way to declutter is to decide to paint the entire interior of your home. It has been a long month of painting after the husband got off work and on off days, but we are in the home stretch. This is the before picture of my office/son’s old room. It was the light yellow on top that the whole house is and Raiders silver on the bottom. There was a wallpaper banner across the dividing line with Oakland Raiders helmets in silver and black. When you are carting crates of stuff out of a room you really rethink what is going back in.Jill's Office - before
This is with it almost done with just some things needing to be put away or in, like my desk. hahaha  The top color is Peach Glow which most of the house now is. The bottom is my accent color which is Flaming Torch – a burnt orange. It took 3 coats to cover the silver-gray. LOL A white chair rail is down the middle and circles the room. It feels very sophisticated. Wow! My pseudonym Jill has excellent taste! Wish she shared with me. LOL

This is the surprise picture the husband took of me in my new office. Now I finally feel it is mine. Got the zombie killing machete over the clock and my quilt from my best friend on my chair. Ready to go. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that was just cluttering the room and it feels open and freeing. Gone are all the things I brought back from conferences and vacations that just filled the room and didn’t add anything to it. Now, back to work because this is preorder week for my newest book. Happy writing!!


Do you do spring cleaning? What is cluttering your life and needs to go?

ATimetoKillZombies 200x300Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series
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About Jill James

Jill is a published author with The Wild Rose Press and self-published with The Lake Willowbee Series. She enjoys reading just as much as writing. You can follow her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Jill.James.author and Twitter @jill_james
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15 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. susanrhughes says:

    Very nice. Getting rid of clutter is an ongoing project for me. Last night I packed up some of my girls’ older toys for sale. It’s really hard to let go of stuff that is so cute! They still play with some of it occasionally, but there’s just too much. Something has to go!

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  2. Carol says:

    Certain bits of clutter is an emotional thing for me. My granddaughter and grandson played with some of their dad’s toys! I still have my son’s rocking chair, which both of them used also! That being said, I haven’t saved everything. Lol It is time to de-clutter again.

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    • Jill James says:

      Carol, we had a rocking chair that went from me to my brother to my daughter to my son to my grandson and then on to brother’s children, who have it now. That chair has been in our family since 1965. In our house we all have memory boxes. Each year the kids and the husband and I would save some memories and trinkets and put them away. Every once in a while we consolidate so most of the kids school years are in one or two boxes.

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  3. E. Ayers says:

    I have stuff that belonged to my great-grandmother, dating into the mid 1800’s, and I know when I die my girls will throw all of it out or stick it in a garage sale for 25cents. I give up! So much for family heirlooms. The rest of the stuff…

    It’s my stuff. I might not use it but once every five years, but when I want it, I want it.

    But my real clutter is paper. I have a horrible habit of getting new paper but not tossing the old paper, so my office is overflowing with insurance papers and other junk. But that requires time to sort. I don’t feel like taking the time to do it. Maybe I need to paint, too! Oh, yeah, I need to paint. May I borrow your hubby, Jill?

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  4. ginaarditoauthor says:

    You got the man my friends and I call, “The Keeper.” He’s the stuff of legends, whispered about and longed for over copious glasses of wine. Lucky! As for the clutter, in my household it’s like pushing back the tide. What rolls out is replaced by new stuff rolling in. Someday…

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  5. Joan Reeves says:

    My mom was a 4-star General in the Spring Cleaning Campaign. Wow, could she clean. I remember having to help strip wax from wood floors so they could be re-waxed and polished, washing walls, changing out curtains. The list was endless and exhausting. Does anyone do that kind of spring cleaning any more? I know I don’t. Never did. Never will.

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  6. leighmorgan1 says:

    Jill, every room looks so cheerful! Wish I enjoyed Spring Cleaning more than I do…time to get busy now that my eldest has moved out while leaving the bulk of her items here! Time for storage. 🙂


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