Springing into Step

My Office

My Office

The business of writing, is often a lot less fun, than actually writing. I know when I was younger and dreamt of making this my life’s work; I assumed I would sit at a desk, write best-sellers, occasionally setting out on a world book tour, all the while my minions would take care of the rest.

Joke is on me it seems:

1. A best-seller has yet to jump out of my laptop. (Not that I’ve given up hope).

2. Promotion costs a ridiculous amount of money, which would be a lot easier were #1 a reality! 

3. Minions cost even more money than promo and so again I ask that you please refer to #1.

4. Social Media was not even in the picture when I was 12, so it never occurred to me how much work would be involved in staying “social”. It’s intense.🙈

For now, while I work on the three most pressing stories in my head & wait for edits on my next two books- I at least want to do it some place warm and cozy and where it feels a lot less like work. Writing itself doesn’t feel like work, but the rest of the branding and marketing, sure as heck does. And I’m a Sales & Marketing person by trade. Somehow, selling my own wares is a lot more stressful than selling someone else’s. Isn’t that something? LOL

Thank goodness for warm spring days, cool drinks and a deck with a gorgeous view!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their day as much as I am. 

Wishing you well in fiction & real life,

Kelly Rae

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10 Responses to Springing into Step

  1. Carol says:

    Media is hectic! Sometimes I have a lot of time to spend, other times not at all. That’s when it gets stressful. Wishing you better media time! Happy Mother’s Day.

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  2. E. Ayers says:

    Oh, Kelly, I know exactly what you mean. I envy those with minions (family support) when it comes to media. I just want to write. There was a time that book contract meant you’d have help and plenty of promotion. Today everyone expects you to do it unless you are one of their top 10 best sellers.

    A lovely view is always helpful to the muse. And you look quite comfy!

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  3. At least you have a marketing background. I hate promo and often avoid it. For my last book, I did a newsletter and announcements on Twitter and FB. Nothing more. Maybe if I had #1, I could afford minions. It seems we’re in the same boat.

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    • Same boat and not enough paddles, lol. It’s true the background does help & when I use my powers for other people it’s easy. I have a very tough time w/ self promotion. I feel very uncomfortable w/ it, so I totally understand the avoidance!

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  4. Jill James says:

    Great post! I never dreamed of being a writer for a living because I didn’t know it was possible. But when it became my dream I think I was in the same imaginary writer world as you. I was going to sit at my desk in a library like in Beauty and the Beast and write all day and go on whirlwind book tours from time to time and do book signings with lines around the block. LOL Hasn’t happened yet…but I never stop dreaming. And writing.

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  5. Joan Reeves says:

    I wish I had minions to do my bidding. Life would be so much easier. *g* Good post, Kelly.

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  6. ginaarditoauthor says:

    God, I could’ve written this post. I always thought it would be so easy to sit at a typewriter and write all day (when I wasn’t on those whirlwind book tours!) while others took care of the less glamorous stuff. So the joke’s on both of us. And I’m soooo much better at pimping others’ work. With my own, I get tongue tied and embarrassed. Go figya.

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  7. leighmorgan1 says:

    I think most of us are intimidated and frustrated by what it takes to effectively put our work out there. I also think that’s true of most professionals in any given profession. Most people are uncomfortable tooting their own horn. I know book promotion isn’t all about that, but some of it is and it’s just not as much fun as plotting and writing. Still looking for Spring here! Wishing you well, Kelly :).

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