All good intentions don’t always come to completion. Sometimes I’m the worse procrastinator. I sit at my desk and look at a stack of bills, my to-do list, and a long string of emails to answer.

I get up, make the bed, clean the bathrooms and pour another cup of coffee, then pop it into the microwave. The phone rings, and I screen the call, then let it go to message.

It’s trash day. Hubby has taken the cart to the front, but now it’s time to listen for the truck. If I don’t get it back to its resting place, the wind from cars flying down the road could fling the cart into the road. Yes, we’ve had this happen. Who wants to be sued over a trash can?

I go back to my Word document and try, unsuccessfully to add words to the article. There’s too much running through my head to settle on one subject. So…since I have two loads of laundry to finish today, off I go to the laundry room. Okay, that’s at least one accomplishment started.

By now I’m beginning to feel crummy that I’ve wasted a couple of hours writing time. But now I hear the trash truck outside. I change into street clothes and head outside. I see my neighbor isn’t home, and since we trade weeks, I grab her trash can then drag mine to the side of the house.


Time to get back to work. The words come at a slow pace. The washing machine’s cycle stops. I separate quickly drying items from the others. That’s done.

I go back to the computer and decide to pull out my production schedule. Well…so far today’s schedule hasn’t gone so good. I take a few deep breaths and determine to finish the article before I get involved with anything else. Period.

Inspiration is needed, but I don’t search online for motivation, I brainstorm with myself. So far, so good. Still. My mind wanders to sales for the day, should I take a moment to check or…I push the thought away. I’m glued to the chair and my article. Finally the article is complete and I’m feeling pretty good about the glue in my chair. Lol

I know that I must stick to my schedule, allow separate times for housework and other chores, or the dust-bunnies will continue to increase.

Is your to-do list growing and gathering dust? Do you procrastinate? If not, what does your work schedule look like?

I wish you love, butterflies and music. 10565180_10152593237463954_545990101477851522_n

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About Carol

Carol’s roots are sown in the South. Her writings are Southern, small town based and include romantic comedies, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She believes in falling in love, family values, and happy endings. When time allows, she dabbles in art, and always has popcorn, pickles, and hot chocolate on hand. While a dose of humor sprinkles throughout her stories, they may or not, be based on real life characters. Some are convinced they are, but only she knows for certain, and she won’t gossip. Carol currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family. A multi-published eBook author since 2011, Carol's won numerous awards, and previously published in poetry, short stories and novels. Novels available in ebook: (A Short Story) A MATTER of TASTE, PERFECT MATCH, A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS (also available in print), CHRISTMAS at the GRANGER INN, CHRISTMAS at APPLE LAKE, THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING. Coming December 2019: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding Coming December 2020: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Baby Where to find Carol DeVaney online:
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11 Responses to Procrastination

  1. E. Ayers says:

    Your procrastination work schedule would be my perfect day. I’m very good a BICHOK (butt in chair hands on keyboard) therefore nothing else gets done. So for me to do a load of laundry is usually that OMG I can’t get dressed! I need clean undies-there are none left for me to wear sort of moments. Which reminds me, I think I need to do jeans because I only have one clean pair left. That gives me another 24 hours before I’m desperate. Um, maybe I should look and see if I have undies for tomorrow. But I need to finish a few things at the keyboard first. 😉


    • Carol says:

      I used to be more of a BICHOK (butt in chair hands on keyboard) gal. Sometimes I still am. I suppose the list has blown out of proportion. Like whittling, slimming down the list takes time and persistence. 🙂

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  2. Joan Reeves says:

    Carol, you speak for us all. I’ve quit adding items to my To Do list because it’s already the size of Mt. Everest.

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    • Carol says:

      Joan, knowing I’m not the only one makes me feel better. Maybe cutting back on the To Do list would benefit me too! You do have a mountain to climb. One step at a time.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      There’s a honey-do list in my office. It’s one of those dry-erase boards, and I hung it on the wall where George couldn’t miss it. Occasionally, I’d add to it. I think over the years about 3 things came off the board because they were completed. There are 7 things that have never been done. There about three that I completed and crossed off but not erased. If I stood up and grabbed the marker, I would immediately add three things to the list. So there it sits and most of the honey-dos are probably over 12 years old. Sometimes I swear it’s laughable and other times it’s depressing. But I leave it as a reminder not to worry about things. The world has not come to an end because something was not done when I wanted it done. I’ve learned that somehow we eventually do the things that we absolutely must do.

      And as for making daily lists – I gave up. When my girls were younger , I swear it only served to make me crazy trying to do everything. When they were older and I worked, it frazzled me and the only things that I ever managed were those things that absolutely had to be done. Then at some point I realized unless it was an appointment or something that I didn’t want to forget, I dropped all list making and only left a reminder to myself. If I need to clean the floor, I will (eventually). Laundry will get done. And if I ever feel like tackling… I will. Otherwise, it probably doesn’t really matter.

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      • Carol says:

        I have to laugh at the dry-erase board with some tasks listed being over twelve years old. With inquisitive grandchildren, mine would’ve been erased long ago. 🙂 You are right though…eventually most things will eventually get done, if not – don’t worry so much about it. Or, re-word it and tackle as soon as possible!


  3. Mona Risk says:

    Carol, I understand you so well. I used to be like you, but I changed!
    Now when I sit at my computer to write, I don’t hear, don’t see, don’t feel anything.
    I learned over the years that I can’t do two things at a time. When I write I put everything aside. So I dedicate one half day for “the rest”.

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  4. ginaarditoauthor says:

    Of course I procrastinate. Then I do the manic panic when I’m about to blow a deadline, there’s no food in the house, and there are more dishes in my sink than in the cabinets. I think that’s one of the reasons I can’t grow a plant. Kids and pets let me know when they need something. A plant just sits there and dies quietly.


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    Carol, I turn into a news junkie and read far too many news articles. The other thing I do when I should be doing almost anything else is read science of myth or something spiritual while I tell myself something will “pop” in my brain and I’ll come up with a “spark” of inspiration for a scene or a story. I think Mona’s on to something. I’ll give myself that 1/2 for “sparking” and spend the rest of it in that chair actually creating. Great Post!


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