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Confessions of a Self-Employed Queen/Writer

That’s one of the many stupid unimportant few benefits of being self-employed—you can pick whatever job title you want. I picked Queen. I thought it was crazy enough to work fitting less pretentious than calling myself a writer. As I … Continue reading

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It Takes a Good Idea

Although I have never encountered writing block when writing my books, I’ve certainly been struck with this bug when dealing with blogs. I have been looking for something interesting to share with you for the last four hours! I’ve even … Continue reading

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From Louisiana To the Heart of Acworth, Georgia

Cajun food at its best. We celebrated an early Father’s Day with my husband and my son’s family last Thursday evening. The place? Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth, Georgia, with local and national acclaim. A little bit of Louisiana tucked into … Continue reading

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To Grandmother’s House We Go

[Disclaimer: I’m writing today with a terrible head cold and hoping it all makes sense.] Now that summer has finally arrived and I’m planning my holidays, I’ve been thinking about my childhood summer vacations with my family in the 1970s … Continue reading

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What makes for a good cover?

I could write a book just on covers so trying to cover everything is almost impossible.You can blame Stephanie Queen for this post because she suggested I do it. So love it or hate it, here I go! My qualifications … Continue reading

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Summer Magic

Summer is a magical time in Wisconsin. There are festivals in Milwaukee, many at the lakefront, and plenty to enjoy outdoors. Not to mention the Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festivals that dot the summer weekends with camaraderie and Highland … Continue reading

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Funniness and the Lost Fingernail

Funny things happen all the time. Sometimes, what seems disastrous at the onset is funny in hindsight. Case in point: last week, I helped serve a luncheon to about thirty “silver sisters” (an over eighty crowd). While pouring water cups, … Continue reading

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