It Takes a Good Idea

Although I have never encountered writing block when writing my books, I’ve certainly been struck with this bug when dealing with blogs. I have been looking for something interesting to share with you for the last four hours! I’ve even looked into the huge book–bigger than a big dictionary–that I gave my Dad for Christmas some twenty-years ago. The book is 1350 page thick. My Dad loved it and read it all. My mother gave it back to me after Dad’s death, and I kept it preciously. I will pass it on to my son who loves reading as much as I do.


This book is called “Chronicle of the Twentieth Century”. There’s never been anything like that. It reports the major events of the world history starting on January 1900. Each page is written in the format of a newspaper page, with pictures and small reports. I started looking for something interesting to tell you, and I forgot myself reading and reading about major events for hours.

Did you know that the founder of McDonald’s Ray Kroc was a former piano player and salesman of paper cups and milkshake? At the age of 52, Kroc started his first McDonald’s in Chicago in 1955. He built a hamburger empire by purveying small beef patties that changed American eating habits. When he died at 81 in 1984, his personal fortune was estimated at more than $500,000 million and the McDonald’s chain reported $8 billion at the time of his death.

It’s never too late to become famous!

Think of an idea, execute it, work hard on improving it, promote it, and persevere.

Of course, creating bestselling books is more difficult than cooking hamburgers, but it can be done!

Mona Risk is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of sweet romantic comedies. You can view all her books at or sign up for her newsletter.

7 thoughts on “It Takes a Good Idea

  1. I was probably about 17 the first time I ever saw a McDonald’s. We must have been too rural to have one near us. But those great big hamburgers and cheeseburgers were quite filling, and I could get a fries and a shake with it for under $1. Now they are half that size to a fourth of the size and sell for much more. And fast food is everywhere!

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