Sit on a Bike and Change Your Life

2016-07-18 14.47.022016-07-18 09.42.11I took my son out to purchase a motorcycle jacket and helmet this week and made the mistake of sitting on the new Indian Scout.




My son wants to ride because he grew up in a family of riders. He’s been on the back of a bike since he was six – a fact that seems hugely irresponsible in hindsight.


Then again, when one thinks about motorcycling, the concept of “responsibility” doesn’t immediately come to mind.


Open road

Cowboys and Indians…just a bit of rebellion…all those words and everything they entail makes my heart beat a little faster and a bit more lightly.

I do a lot of praying when I ride. My situational awareness- always present for me – heightens.

I become more one with the moment and attuned to everything around me.

I love it! The energy. The openness. It’s as close to actually flying I think I’m going to get until I take up hang gliding.

I think riding makes me a better writer. Weird, I know. I think it’s a “Joy la Vive” thing, and that energy is contagious.

I don’t need another bike, but I do need a swift uptake in remembering to dwell in the blessings of NOW, and then writing them down.

I,I,I……I think I’m getting another bike!


Hopefully all good things will follow.


Happy Mid-Summer,


9 thoughts on “Sit on a Bike and Change Your Life

    • Grin. If only that were true on the outside. More seriously though, yes, I think riding does keep me young at heart. I’ve always been kind of an “old soul” with a child-prankster spirit. I think riding appeals to both. Certainly the full attention to the moment required while riding does. Loved your Duran-Duran post! Still smiling after reading it.

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  1. It’s a beautiful bike. Hope you get if that’s what you want. Doing the things that make you happy, keep you young at heart, mind and physically! Enjoy. You’re full of energy. 🙂

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  2. You know, I took my 84 year old mom out to lunch today and as we were walking into the restaurant, we passed this sleek bike and Mom right away got wistful. “I only got to ride once, but I’d love to do it again.” It gets in your blood. Hope you get your wish!

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    • Thanks, Gina! You just gave me an idea for a scene that’s been rumbling around in my head. And you are right, it does get into your blood, in a good way.

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    • That so funny. Made me instantly remember my great aunt. I had a little MG Midget convertible and every time I picked up my great aunt to come to our house for dinner, she complained that I picked her up in my mother Cougar. She wanted to ride in my convertible with the top down! My mom didn’t want me cramping such an old lady up in my little sports car. Finally I told my great aunt if she wanted me to pick her up in my car, she was going to have to talk to my mom. Well, she did and I brought my car over to where she lived. Trying to stuff an old woman into a tiny sports car took some doing. But between the doorman and me, we got her in. We lived on an island then, and the highest speed anyplace there was 35 MPH. She wanted me to take my car out of second gear and let her rip! I was certain the cops were going to nail me! What was I going to say? She made me do it? She laughed and promised if we got stopped, she’s talk her way out of that ticket! Picture an old lady (90 something) in this tiny sports car with one of the those net hats that tie under the chin with tiny beads on the netting! Yep, that was her! But she had lived on that island for almost 40 years and knew everyone! Yep, I took that car up to 65 MPH in a 35 zone! 🙂 That old lady was a hoot! May we all grow old like her! (And no she wouldn’t let me take her home in Mom’s cougar.)

      Gina, give your mom a birthday gift to remember! Call your local bike shop and ask if someone there will pick your mom up and take her for a ride! At 84 – if they can’t eat it or use it up, they probably don’t really want it! Pay whoever for giving your mom an hr or a 1/2 ride! She’ll have a blast.

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  3. Leigh, do you have a jacket with airbags in it? I’ve heard that’s the newest in bikers’ apparel. There’s a biker I see at Starbucks and he’s been wonderful at helping me with any scene where I need his expertise. He teaches biking and also flying. I saw him the other night and he told me about it. I was shocked. He showed me his jacket. WOW! It even blows up with a collar to protect the neck. etc. He owns a BMW bike.

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  4. Hahaha this truly depicts what a beautiful motorcycle the Indian scout is! I just did a review of the new scout, its on my wordpress, check it out it might help before making a decision! +1 like for the emotions this post brings out!


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