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Like a little suspense? Guest Author, M. S. Spencer

The author world is very small and most of us here on Main Street know a wide variety of authors in probably every genre. I’ve known M.S. Spencer for ages, and I’ve enjoyed her books.  But often she’s left me … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season

In Florida, we are facing our yearly hurricane season. The weather channel forecasts worrisome news about hurricanes and tropical storms, and warns residents to be prepared. For the last month, we had typical summer weather–hot, sunny or hazy in the … Continue reading

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A Poodle and a Pinscher

We have no pets now since we lost our sweet Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Prissy a few years back. Prissy was a gift from our son and his wife after they married. They said she would fill the void and give … Continue reading

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Monkeys, and Ducks, and Dogs. Oh, My!

We’re talking pets this month on Main Street, and boy howdy! I’ve had some memorable ones. For example, growing up in what, at the time, was a rural area of Long Island, my parents raised chickens and ducks.When I was … Continue reading

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Celtic Canines and My Nordic Beasts

There are three Scottish Deerhounds, one Westie, and two cats in our household. Life is rarely dull and always filled with affection in our home. We got our first Deerhound, Somerled, from a breeder in Tennessee. I still remember the … Continue reading

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Remembering Cleo

This month we’re blogging about pets. I don’t have any pets now because I’m allergic to cats and dogs (and lack the time, energy and money for pet ownership). But there was one special cat in my life for many … Continue reading

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Living with cats

is nothing like living with dogs. (Dogs greet you at the door to love you, not demand the food bowl be filled. Because, OMG, I can see the silver at the bottom of the bowl.) is demands of rub my … Continue reading

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