Living with cats

black cat named Athena

“I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.”

is nothing like living with dogs. (Dogs greet you at the door to love you, not demand the food bowl be filled. Because, OMG, I can see the silver at the bottom of the bowl.)

is demands of rub my tummy, rub my tummy, oh, I’m okay now, leave me alone. (At least twenty times a day and stops way before the human wants it to.)

is tiptoeing around the animal who thinks she is the goddess of the house and sleeps all day to prove it. (What she is sleeping to recover from, I have no idea.)

is to find constant hairs glued to your stove, countertops, and any other surface you would like to not have hair glued to. (This one I could live without.)

is to have a companion at your side when you are crying over the sappy happily ever after in the current book you are reading or writing. (Bestest part of living with cats.)

is to have your forehead connected with theirs to let you know you are part of the pack. To be groomed with a sandpapery tongue because you are a member of her family. (Good to know, otherwise I would wonder if I was the next meal.)

is priceless. (No words needed.)

Jill James, romance writer and lover of cats.
Time of Zombies series soon in audiobook!

9 thoughts on “Living with cats

  1. People seem to be either cat people or dog people. I’m an equal opportunity pet lover. If they are in my home, I love them! Well, almost! That’s a long story. Let’s leave it with I love my pets! I probably talk more about my dog because she seems to always be with me but my old car Hook is in his own way sweet. Ever notice that cats have elevator butts? Scratch them right near their tail against their backbone and that tail/butt raises up? They also love it under their chin!

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  2. Nailed it, Jill! I have two cats and four dogs. One of my cats thinks she’s a dog—she’s constantly with me and likes me to talk to her like I talk with the dogs. The other, is shy. She comes to greet me when she’s ready. She meows a bit and demands I pet her—but do not pick her up, she hates that—after the requisite pets, about 90 or so seconds, she’s done. They are all so funny and different.

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  3. This is so true. I once read an article by an animal behaviorist who claimed cats are more independent than dogs because they never lost their ability to adapt to living in the wild. I think that behaviorist should come visit my house where Miss Savannah, who spends her days lazing on the couch and her nights lazing at the foot of my bed, doesn’t display so much as a whisker of her wild ancestry.

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  4. Mr Midnight, one of my furry protagonists from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, wanted to send his kind regards to your black pussy cat. I think it has something to do with the fact that he himself, is also a black cat. Sir Winston and myself also send our kindest regards and thank you for posting your post. All the very best out of the magical Black Forest. 🙂


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