Christmas? Now?

One of the strangest things that happens to writers is we seem to be writing about a different season than what we are experiencing.  It’s late summer here and that means hurricanes. Well, we dodged the bullet this year with Hermine, but the season isn’t over. Where I’m from, September meant pulling out the woolens and preparing for colder days. Wool shorts were the thing to wear in September with matching wool sweaters and socks. Hmm. Not around here. We still sweat sometimes into mid November.

Yes, I know perspire is the proper way to say it. Ah, whoever thought that up must not hot-sun graphichave ever lived south of the Mason Dixon line! Sweat is when it’s running down your forehead and into your eyes. It’s when your underwear is soaking wet. But with today’s products, the underarms are dry and odor free!  Why do they say only to use it in the armpits?  I’d like to cover my body in it! So while the AC unit is working non-stop and failing to cool the house to a reasonable temperature – there’s no meat-locker setting, and even if there was, it wouldn’t cool to that temperature anyway. (I swear I’ve tried to set that thermostat on the same temp as my freezer.)

So here I sit working on a Christmas story, trying to remember what it was like to be cold.  Trying to remember what cold was! Conjuring up visions of snowflakes and cuddling under blankets. I’m not asking for much. Mother Nature is laughing at me, because in a few more months, I’ll be writing something that will require me to remember some hot days in August. Especially now in the world of ebooks, we are expected to have books released every so many months. That means we seem to constantly be off from whatever season we are experiencing.

snow and ice on treesBut the really good news is that we will have another Authors of Main Street Christmas bundle for you, Christmas at the Inn on Main Street.  And the really big news is this release will be available in print! My story still does not have a title, but it involves Chelsea Montgomery. She’s Cody Montgomery’s third daughter. And if you’ve read my wedding vow stories, you will know that each daughter is quite different. Well, little Chelsea is quite grown up, and Cody has had two more children by DeeDee. This family saga has been wonderful to write.

I think I love Cody as much as I did when I first wrote his story – maybe more.  There’s something special about a man who can be a really good father. The kind of man who can open is arms to his children no matter what has happened. And Chelsea has had a boyfriend that no one in the family has liked. When she returns home battered and bruised, she thinks she’s safe. Except that boyfriend is focused on revenge and he’s determined no one will ever have his woman.

How am I going to make that story into a wonderful holiday story? Well, you know how I write. My stories are… Complicated? Involved? Gritty? I like stories that are full and not fluffy things. Seriously, how many people smile their way into the holiday with everything blissful and perfect? Even I have faced holidays that have not been Norman Rockwell worthy, but somehow I have managed to find peace.  The kind of moments where you smile and know that everything that really matters is right there under that roof and safe. Because the holiday isn’t about the number of gifts under a picture perfect tree. It’s a time to rejoice in what we do have and to appreciate those people who make our lives complete.

I have two books that will release before Christmas. One contemporary, Christmas at the Inn on Main Street, should release by the end of October, and another book that is a western historical that will release on Kindle around the beginning of December.  The rainbow_pot_of_gold.jpgauthors here on Main Street have been chatting about book reviews as we drink our favorite cuppa.  Finding people who will read and review a book on Amazon is like looking for that pot of gold in your backyard.

So if you have a favorite author here on Main Street or if you are willing to review our newest Christmas boxed set, leave a comment, tell us your favorite authors out here. We’ll grab your name and email addy. (We can see your email addy when you comment, but it doesn’t show out here – it’s tied to that thing that allows you to make comments. It’s also not easy to see. But we can get it and that saves you from exposing your email addy to the world.) We are all looking for people who are willing to receive Advances Review Copies of our books in exchange for honest reviews! So if you want a free book from us and are willing to review it. Let us know! And don’t forget to tell us who you love! Just say you are willing to review! And tell us what you will read for heat level – no one here writes super hot so… anything,  middle of the road,  or squeaky clean.

Here’s the scene I ripped out of the start of my book. So far I’ve woven part of it back in but not all of it. But when I did add it back into the story, it was fuller and more complete. What took it’s place? Nothing. I picked up on the later. 🙂 Yes, authors make mistakes as we write. So consider this an outtake.

Chelsea Montgomery answered all the questions she could. “Please will someone take me home long enough to grab my purse and a few belongings?”

The female police officer nodded. “You don’t have to worry about him. He’s not getting out anytime soon.”

Chelsea held up her hand. “Doesn’t matter. I’m leaving. Everything I want will fit in my suitcase.”

“You can’t just walk away from a ranch,” another officer interjected.

Chelsea raised her eyebrows. “Watch me. He should have thought about that before he hit me. He’s going to have to call someone in his family, and I don’t want to be there when they come.”

Mentally she made plans.

Several days later

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7 Responses to Christmas? Now?

  1. Carol says:

    LOL I got a kick out of your mentioning sweating! Once I had a patient who was the ultimate proper Southern Lady. I mentioned one day that I was sweating so badly. Oops! Wrong choice of word. She informed me, in no uncertain words, that ladies do not sweat…they perspire. Okay, then. Whatever one chooses to call it, sweating isn’t one of my favorite things to do.
    Exciting that you have two books coming out this year, E. I’m looking forward to your books and our newest boxed set, Christmas at the Inn on Main Street.
    My book for the Christmas at the Inn on Main Street boxed set is “Christmas at The Granger Inn.” I have never written anything with a ghost, but since one of the other stories also has a ghost, so intrigued that I was and after a lot of thought, my own ghost emerged. Writing this story has been so much fun! See you on Main Street!

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    • E. Ayers says:

      A ghost? What fun! One of these days I’m going to write a ghost story based on a true story. No, not my ghost. He’d probably figure it out and come back to see what I said about him. He won’t like it! And I don’t want to tick him off! He’s probably here in the neighborhood. I might even know where. But I’d hate to walk up to her door and say excuse me but did my ghost come back here to drive you nuts? She lives catty-cornered from me in his childhood home. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • E. Ayers says:

        I know everyone thinks I’m crazy when I say living with a ghost, but when you live with one and you see him…! You will change your mind very quickly about ghosts. Well, I can’t say I live alone. Well, maybe the live – as in alive. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Carol says:

          I’ve heard several ghost stories from relatives, who loved to unravel a scary story for us kids. Being young and impressionable, not believing the stories was out of the question! They were those jump in bed and cover your head kinds of tales. To this day, I wonder if they were real or not! :O The only time I saw anything related to a ghost was my granddaughter. My grandson and I were working in his and his sister’s flower garden, and I took his picture. When I had the film developed, there was a smoky haze formed and hovering over my granddaughter’s flowers. I’ll always believe it was her spirit because that was her favorite place in our yard. Call me crazy, too, but that’s my thoughts and I’m sticking to it! 🙂 Say hello to your ghost!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Carol says:

        Our house sits on a section of where there used to be an old plantation. When my son and his foster brother were maybe eight and nine, they were in the back yard on the trampoline. They both came running into the house scared to death. They’d seen a ghost in a purple dress hovering above the trampoline. The story hasn’t changed one iota over the years. I know kids have a wild imagination, but I still tend to believe them, as they were both pale and from the expression on their faces. I should probably research history on the property, no telling what I might find. 🙂

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