Forget Christmas in July; It’s New Years in September

Maybe it’s the shadow of back-to-school still lingering over me. As a kid, celebrating my birthday in late August always meant my gifts revolved around school supplies and new fall clothes. I never really minded; it was a chance to change the old self, the old wardrobe, the old shoes, in favor of something new and exciting.

img_0591Maybe it’s the crisper weather and the changing colors of the leaves. As a visually creative person, I tend to absorb my environment and reflect what’s around me.

Whatever the reason, September always welcomes in changes for me–the type of changes normally reserved for New Years’ resolutions. I got married in September, moved into  my house in September, and usually make any big purchases (cars, appliances, home furnishings) in September. This September, I started a new day job, cutting my daily commute by 90%! Big difference.

My current work in progress had me excited to reach the end so I could get it to my editor (where it was looooong overdue). But on a whim, I pulled up an old story I had scrapped last year. I was two-thirds of the way through that story when I decided it sucked, it would never sell, and I buried it in my computer files, believing it should never see the light of day. But a year later, after re-reading it, I realized this was actually quite good. This story didn’t suck nearly as much as I thought.

This revelation has forced me to switch gears and try something else new, another shake-up of my routine. I’m now writing two stories at once, both for the same publishing house. It’s a fine line, dancing between two sets of characters, two settings, two plotlines. But I’m determined to give it a shot. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Forget Christmas in July; It’s New Years in September

  1. This past spring I wrote two books, back to back. The problem is they were both set in the same time period and in the same area. The one has been released. (Loving Ellen) The second one will be delayed as it’s making a “side trip” before general publication. But being I wrote them, not together but back to back… If you ask me what each one is about, I will get that deer in the headlamps look on my face as the two stories run together in my mind, and I have no clue which is which. Yet they are very different stories! I will never do that again. Having both in different stages was insane for me because I was in edits with one while working on the other. I need time and space between them. I wouldn’t even attempt to write two simultaneously. But I know people who do. I’d have them so tangled up that I’d never get them straight. So wishing you much luck. I’m glad you’ve got a really great brain for details, because you are going to using it.

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  2. September is fuller than ever for me this year! I’m also working in two books at the same time. Not easy. The characters want to overlap, so I have to really concentrate when I switch from one to the other. Good luck with your two books!

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