Never too late for change

This past Monday, my husband decided to make a change in our lives and close his architectural office to take a position as the Director of Project Development with a local construction contractor. He joked that it would be his third job since graduating college over thirty years ago. In the early 1980’s the economy went south and he decided to change his major from construction technology to architecture, but never gave up on the idea of someday going into construction. When the right opportunity came around, and after much soul searching, he took the bold move. jump-in-with-both-feetI too made a similar bold change several years ago when I decided not to practice law on a full-time basis so that I might follow my heart and concentrate on my writing. Family law is a very demanding discipline. The constant exposure to the pain and suffering of your clients wears you out and down.

Writing rejuvenates.


When I write, my characters take on lives of their own. I write strong characters that are not afraid to take chances and jump in with both feet. Whether it is a college professor undertaking studies abroad (Rhia in SECOND CHANCES), a billionaire who opens his heart to love again (Jordon in SPARRING PARTNERS), or a petite young lady willing to fight to the death for her beliefs (Daisy in DEFENDING DESTINY), I find great interest in characters that follow their hearts and forge ahead with their lives.

Do you take chances to follow your dreams?

Have you made life-changes recently?

 I’d love to hear what changes you may have made to your lives to follow your dreams.



4 thoughts on “Never too late for change

  1. I started to study in French 😁. I’m not very good at French but here where I live is the first language so doing this is challenging for me. I could have done it in English but this year is life changing for me since I’m changing my career path so yayyy lol

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  2. Fifteen years ago, I made the decision to take an early retirement to write romance novels. Many of my friends thought I was crazy to abandon a successful career that included a lot of traveling abroad. I never regretted my decision. In addition, we bought a condo in Florida. Six months later, my husband realized I was right and followed in my footsteps. We moved to Florida and eventually sold the family house. Again no regrets. But a picture of the big house where I raised my children is hanging in my office.


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